The Center for Social Science Computation and Research

October 29, 2020

New CSSCR workshop for Autumn Quarter and notice of postponement

Hello all,

We are pleased to announce a new workshop offering this quarter, one which caters to the evolving needs of the UW community during this period of remote learning. Course description below:

Using Google Sheets for Basic Statistics and Graphs

Description:  This workshop provides a basic look at using Google Sheets for introductory descriptive and bivariate (e.g. correlations) statistics and basic graphics (e.g. bar charts/histograms).  The workshop covers reading in data/data input, changing variable formats, and creating new variables. The use of Google Sheets is a good alternative to SPSS for introductory users especially for those with limited access to other statistical programs.

  • Instructor:  Amelia Patrice, CSSCR Consultant
  • Date:       Thursday November 5, 2020
  • Time:      9:30AM-10:30PM
  • Format:   Synchronous

To register for this course, follow this link.
Due to changes in staffing assignments our scheduled SPSS workshop, which was to occur on 10/29, is postponed to later in the quarter. We will post a notice on our front page once this workshop has been given a new date and time. 

-CSSCR Staff