Civil Rights and Labor History Consortium / University of Washington

Publications and Documents

Here are collections of historical newspapers and documents, all of them digitzed and fully readable. They are displayed here thanks to the generosity of our collaborators. Please respect the copyright provisions below. Each image below leads to a separate collection.

The Waterfront Worker

Here are full copies of the rank-and-file newsletter that helped promote the revival of Pacific Coast International Longshoremen's Association and the 1934 strike. Courtesy ILWU Archives.

Longshoreman's Union of the Pacific Charters 1908
These beautifully preserved charters from 1908 document the early history of longshore unions up and down the Pacific Coast. Courtesy ILWU Archives.

Newspapers from Cannery Workers Local 7 (1942-49)
Digitized copies of Cannery Workers News, Cannery Courier, and also an issue of Truth, a newspaper published by the rival Seafood Workers Union (AFL).

Documents from Cannery Workers
Local 7 / Local 37

Including the 1952 yearbook edited by Carlos Bulosan


Alaska Cannery Workers Association, KDP, and Committee for Justice Documents and Newsletters
Led by Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes, reformers challenged the leadership of Local 37 in the late 1970s. Here are newspapers, leaflets, and documents produced by the ACWA, KDP and from the Committee for Justice campaign that proved that the Marcos regime was behind the assassination of Domingo and Viernes.

Oral Histories: Cannery Union leaders and members
Transcripts of interviews with activists who built the union in the 1930s and 1940s, including Antonio Rodrigo, Bruno Tapang, Carlos Malla, Gerald Laigo, Josefa Barrazona, Paul Tabayoyan, Perry Woodall, Roman and Hazel Simbe, Sinsorso and Fell Ordona, Santiago (Jim) Beltran. And also Filipino community builders Rufina Clemente Jenkins, Francesca Robinson, and Fred Cordova. FANHS Collection.


The ILWU Dispatcher

(ILWU Archives)
The ILWU Archives now makes available a complete digitized and searchable collection the union's official newspaper, The Dispatcher


Voice of the Federation
(ILWU Archives)
The ILWU Archives now makes available a complete digitized and searchable collection The Voice of the Federation, the newspaper of the Maritime Federation of the Pacific and predecessor to The Dispatcher.