This page lists a number of scenarios as to how all of these lessons might be laid out in a real class situation. We will include estimated time needed for each lesson. Our web site is meant to complement existing curricula and resource materials.

Scenario I

Beginning of Year:

Cell and Development Unit:

Scenario II – sample high school syllabus

This sample syllabus is provided by our mentor teacher, Pam Miller, who teaches at Seaside High School. A typical class consists of 30 students from very divergent backgrounds: culturally, ethnically and ability wise.

Note that the unit plan does not use every lesson plan we designed. The support lessons may or may not be needed by your students. Selection of lessons will depend on prior knowledge and skills.

Pam Miller's Outline for Developmental Biology Unit of Biology II

Prior Units:

Developmental Biology / Sea Urchin Labs:

In Vitro Fertilization of Frog Eggs:

Presentation Material:


Monterey Bay Aquarium Field Trip