Global Health Justice

December 19, 2023

Israel-Palestine Conflict: A collection of key articles published since 1989

By Siddhant Gupta

Over the past 35 years, Medicine, Conflict & Survival (MCS) has been a platform for nearly forty pertinent articles addressing the complexities of the Palestine-Israel conflict. Recognizing the importance of preserving historical context amidst the urgency of current events, they have compiled these contributions into a curated collection. This safeguards the understanding of the conflict’s origins and evolution, and could be an invaluable resource for someone new to the topic or looking to dive deeper.

The collection encompasses a diverse range of formats, including articles, commentaries, conference reports, essays, and personal accounts, all centered on the Palestine-Israel discourse. While the acute humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the West Bank underscores the urgency of action over mere academic discourse, the foundational aim of these articles remains steadfast: to delve into the causes and consequences of warfare and group violence.

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