Graduate & Professional Student Senate

GPSS 2019 Graduate and Professional Academic Conference

Call for Proposals

We are very excited to field applications for our second academic conference specifically for UW graduate and professional students on April 19th, 2019 in the HUB. Conferences are often expensive with travel, living, and professional costs beyond what many students are able to afford. However, conferences are also crucial for many students to develop the professional skills and networking necessary to succeed in their fields. This academic conference, housed on campus, is an interdisciplinary opportunity for graduate and professional students at the University of Washington to satisfy these needs in an environment that mitigates barriers which might otherwise prevent professional growth. Applications are open to students from all three UW campuses.

Apply Here!


Apply Here!

Information Below

  • Conference theme information
  • Selection process details
  • Presentation format options and details
    • Poster presentations
    • Paper presentations
    • Panels
    • Keynote Speaker
    • Session Chairs

Application proposals due February 20th, 2019

Conference date: April 19th, 2019

Conference theme:

The theme for this conference is “Inter(connected)

This encompasses the following “Inter-” related concepts:


The idea is to encourage not only interdisciplinarity, but outside-the-box scholarship, with an open-ended prefix (inter-) that can motivate uncharted scholastic territory. Another hope is that graduate and professional students will take this opportunity to push the boundaries of their fields, especially when topics they want to cover may not be warmly accepted by traditional conferences in their respective fields.

We want to promote connections across people, disciplines, and minds. We also want to question paradigms and structures that perpetuate oppression and barriers which affect not only our personal lives, but our professional and academic experiences as well. There is not always space for these conversations. Therefore, this conference theme is an invitation to contribute thoughts, research, and perspectives related to race, equity, and social progress.

Selection process:

Applicants will be selected by a body of students hosted within GPSS who will make decisions based on a consistent and equitable rubric. Those not interested in applying to present at the conference but are interested in being part of the review committee may contact GPSS Executive Assistant Medhanit Abebe at

Presentation options and details:

Poster Presentations

Posters will be visual representations printed to poster board no more than 48″ x 36″ in size, in a room with other poster presenters. Conference attendees will move freely through the posters to speak with the presenters personally and presenters are encouraged to provide handouts with copies of their poster and contact information. Presenters are responsible for the costs of their posters, recommendations will be made for where presenters can go for printing to help ensure the lowest possible cost. Easels to hold the posters will be provided. More information about the technical display setting will be made available upon acceptance as a poster presenter in the conference.

Paper Presentations

Standard with most professional conferences, paper presentations include 20 minutes of speaking by the presenter with 10 minutes of questions from the audience. Rooms will be equipped with audio/visual capabilities and set up with rows of audience chairs.


Panels will consist of 3-4 people along a unified theme with shorter 15-20 minute individual presentations (depending on the number of panelists) with audience questions at the end of all combined speaker contributions all fitting within the 1.5 hour session timeslot. Applicants interested in participating and coordinating a panel must apply individually, there is an option in the google form application to indicate other panel members and relevant information to the panel itself.

Keynote Speaker

We are very excited to offer the Keynote Speaker opportunity to one of our very own UW graduate or professional students. The keynote speaker will be responsible for delivering a thirty minute speech that will tie their personal research and application interests with the topics of the conference, as well as the UW graduate and professional student audience. This is an incredible honor and all applicants are encouraged to apply. The application for this particular opportunity includes submitting a CV, writing sample, and up to 500 word statement addressing interest in the opportunity as well as proposed talking points. Those who apply for this particular role may be contacted for more information by the conference application committee should there be further interest in background information or if the finalization process demands it.

Session Chairs

This is not only a CV line, but a great chance to learn about the presenters in a given session and introduce them with the respect and recognition they deserve. Session Chairs will be responsible for assembling background information on each of the presenters (3-4 people) in a given session and introducing them to the audience during that particular conference time. Session Chairs will also be asked to moderate and/or assist in fielding questions from the audience during appropriate times depending on whether it is a paper or panel session.


Please contact GPSS President Giuliana Conti with any questions at

This is an equal opportunity process and applicants will be chosen based on the merit of their content and not discriminated on based on personal or demographic information.


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