Health Sciences Center Minority Students Program

May 11, 2020

Honoring the life of Dr. Gabriel Gallardo

Today the UW community lost distinguished leader Dr. Gabriel Gallardo. Dr. Gallardo served as Associate Vice President of OMA&D and oversaw the OMA&D Student Success team. A champion of the academic success of underrepresented minorities in the health sciences, he acted as Former Co-Investigator of the UW Health Professions Academy (HPA), which was a collaborate effort between OMA&D-HSCMSP/UW School of Medicine-CEDI/School of Dentistry and was a strong supporter of the STAR Program and HSCMSP initiatives in general.

Gabe touched the lives of many students at HSCMSP/STAR program events. HSCMSP extends their deepest sympathies to Gabe’s family and friends.

Please read the full announcement honoring the life of Dr. Gabriel Gallardo at the OMAD website:

If you would like to share words of respect or donate to the Dr. Gabriel Gallardo Scholarship Fund, you may do so at

Dr. Gallardo at the UW STAR Poster Session (2019)
UW STAR Poster Session (2019)