IAM quantitative drivers and IAM scenarios for SSPs Working Group

Chairs: Detlef van VuurenKeywan Riahi

Produce IAM scenarios (input assumptions and model outputs) for IAM representative scenarios based on the SSPs. Identify “challenges” metrics for fast-track process; Develop a small number of shared policy scenarios drawing on EMF and other intercomparisons for mitigation policy ideas; Archive data sets in the SSP scenario data base hosted by IIASA. Document scenarios in a special issue of a scientific journal.

Preliminary quantifications of some SSP elements can be found at the SSP database hosted by IIASA:
SSP Database

The database has been established by the Working Group and currently includes national projections for population, economic development, as well as urbanization.

The data have been made publicly available to facilitate the review by the community. Feedback is very welcome, and will help improve the SSP projections.

Comments can be provided through the database website until October 15, 2012.