What Was Here? Prototyping a Map-centric Historic Document Database for King County Archives (2017)

Authors: Tyler Graham and Tyler Buntain

Project Sponsor: Carol Shenk, King County Archives

Promoting Equitable Climate Resilience in King County: Mapping Communities Vulnerable to Heavy Precipitation (2017)

Authors: Dane Carson, Michael Hamilton and Jennifer Paton

Project Sponsor: Jessica Engel, King County, Department of Natural Resources and Parks

Optimizing Tree Installation Planning in King County through Site Suitability Analysis: A Decision Support Tool to Suit a Broad Range of Users (2017)

Authors: David Headrick, Scott Logel and Leah Westley

Project Sponsor: Jessica Engel, King County, Department of Natural Resources and Parks

Enhancing Collaborative Data Collection Using Mapillary (2017)

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Project Sponsor: Edoardo Neerhut, Mapillary

Feasibility Case Study of InVEST Modeling Approaches in the Lower Delaware and Niobrara National Wild and Scenic Rivers (2017)

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Project Sponsor: Susan Rosebrough, National Park Service

A GIS Workflow for the Mangrove Action Project to Remotely Monitor and Assess Mangrove Restoration Sites (2017)

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Project Sponsor: Sara Lavenhar, Mangrove Action Project

Evaluations of resiliency in California's Wild and Scenic Rivers (2016)

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Project Sponsor: Susan Rosebrough, National Park Service

Promoting equitable climate resilience in King County, WA: Mapping communities vulnerable to extreme heat events (2016)

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Project Sponsor: Richard Gelb, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks

Prioritizing areas for green stormwater infrastructure: A King County landscape analysis (2016)

Authors: David Danker and Sage Tezak

Project Sponsor: Jamie Robertson, The Nature Conservancy

Measuring and mapping recreation with social media (2016)

Authors: Chris Beddow and Matt Stelmach

Project Sponsor: Dave Fisher & Spencer Wood, The Natural Capital Project

Transit to trails: An analysis of locating transit-accessible trailheads using open source software solutions (2016)

Authors: Michelle Leppek and Mike Strong

Project Sponsors: Ben Hughey, Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust; Adrian Laurenzi and Aaron Perlmutter, TOTAGO (Turn Off The App - Go Outside!)

Species richness maps and Esri Story Maps for the biodiversity of global mangrove forest for the Mangrove Action Project (MAP) (2016)

Author: Marsha Sohn

Project Sponsor: Sara Lavenhar, Mangrove Action Project

Spatial Analysis of Ecosystem Service Intensity in the Snohomish Basin, Washington (2015)

Authors: Mihai Giurgiulescu and Graywolf Nattinger

Project Sponsors: Regional Open Space Strategy (ROSS); Green Futures Design + Research Lab

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Authors: Katie Messick and John Ritzman

Project Sponsors: National Park Service; River Management Society

Carbon Storage: Utilizing Carbon-Based Modeling for Mangrove Restoration Efforts (2015)

Authors: Anssel Lopez and Kimberly Nepsa

Project Sponsors: USDA Forest Service (Remote Sensing Assistance Center); Pronatura Noroeste A.C.; Sustainable Fisheries Foundation; Ecologists Without Borders; National Autonomous University of Mexico; ERM; Oregon State University

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Project Sponsor: Audubon Washington

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Authors: Kate Bryan, Chris Morse and Erin Richmond

Project Sponsor: The Nature Conservancy

Increasing Mobility and Livability in South Lake Union (2015)

Authors: Patrick Forrest and Diana Hu

Project Sponsor: Commute Seattle

Using Open Source Data to Model Recreation in Seattle's Urban Parks (2015)

Authors: Jeremy Forst and Malena Foster

Project Sponsor: Natural Capital Project

A Comparison of the Old and New: A Case Study for Rebuilding the Nationwide Rivers Inventory (2014)

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Project Sponsor: National Park Service

Calibrating the Huff Model for Outdoor Recreation Market Share Prediction (2014)

Authors: Chelsey Aiton and Brenden Mclane

Project Sponsor: Earth Economics

Equitable Park Access in King County: An Analysis for King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks (2014)

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Project Sponsor: King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks

Trimming Trees and its Impacts on the Urban Forest (2014)

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Project Sponsor: Seattle City Light

GIS Methods for Identifying Wintering Marine Bird Hotspots in the U.S. Salish Sea (2014)

Authors: Caleb Anderson and Chris Domschke

Project Sponsors: Audubon Washington; Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Depave the Duwamish: A Site Suitability Analysis Using Multiple Criteria & Public Participatory GIS (2014)

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Project Sponsor: Sustainable Seattle

The Nature Conservancy: Assessment of Scenario Modeling for Best Management Practices on Agricultural Lands (2014)

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Project Sponsor: The Nature Conservancy of Washington

The Regional Open Space Strategy - Analyzing Actions in the Lower Puyallup Green Heart (2014)

Authors: Christy Heaton, Sarah Bengtson and Jake Hearen

Project Sponsor: UW Green Futures Lab

Farmland Prioritization Plan for Bainbridge Island, Washington (2013)

Authors: Scott Stcherbinine and Bryan Palmer

Project Sponsors: Friends of the Farms; City of Bainbridge Island; Bainbridge Island Land Trust; Kitsap Conservation District, Kitsap County, WA

Stew-MAP: Geovisualization of Seattle Environmental Stewardship Organizations (2013)

Authors: Jim Goldsmith and Ian Price

Project Sponsor: US Forest Service's Green Cities Research Alliance Pacific NW Research Station King County, WA

Transit-Oriented Development Map for Low Income Housing Tax Credit Allocations (2013)

Authors: Kory Kramer and David Schmitz

Project Sponsor: Puget Sound Regional Council's Growth Management Department, King County, WA

King County Noxious Weeds Distribution Analysis Report (2013)

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Project Sponsor: Noxious Weed Control Program, King County, WA

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Project Sponsor: Hood River County, OR

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Authors: Jeff Dong and Joel Perkins

Project Sponsor: Forterra, Seattle, WA

Updating the River Mile System in Washington State: Considerations, Ramifications, and Recommended Solutions (2013)

Authors: Grant Novak and Jon Walker

Project Sponsor: Spokane Tribe, Spokane, WA

Remote Sensing Carbon in Douglas Fir Forests of San Juan Island (2013)

Authors: Nathan Teut and Bethy Johnstonbaugh

Project Sponsor: San Juan County, WA