Jeffrey Todd Knight, the editor, is associate professor of English at the University of Washington and author of Bound to Read: Compilations, Collections, and the Making of Renaissance Literature. He specializes in early modern English literature, the history of books and reading, and the history of the discipline of literary study.

Megan Heffernan, reviews editor, is associate professor of English at DePaul University and author of Making the Miscellany: Poetry, Print, and the History of the Book in Early Modern England (Penn, 2021). She is at work on a new project on lyric form and the history of book conservation and care.

Emily George, the assistant editor, is a lecturer in English at the University of Washington. She manages the editorial process on the UW side, including this website. She is your contact if you have suggestions, corrections, or questions; please email mlq@u.washington.edu.

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