Special issues

Since 1990 MLQ has periodically coordinated special issues dedicated to complex areas of literary history. Edited by MLQ's editor or by a guest, special issues present multiple perspectives on their topics, with essays invited from leading authorities and innovative scholars.

2020What Is and Isn’t Changing: Critique after Postcritique. Edited by Lauren M. E. Goodlad and Eleni Coundouriotis
2019Literary History after the Nation?. Edited by Peter Kalliney
2018Chinese Encounters with Western Theories. Edited by Marshall Brown and Wang Ning
2017Milton and the Politics of Periodization. Edited by Rachel Trubowitz
2016Scale and Value: New and Digital Approaches to Literary History. Edited by James English and Ted Underwood
2016Historical Poetics. Edited by Michael Hansen, Joel Calahan, and Colton Valentine
2015Inevitability. Edited by Ryan Vu and Sharif Youssef
2014Lessons from the Past: The History of Academic English. Edited by Marshall Brown, Leigh Dale, and Jennifer McDonell
2013What Counts as World Literature?. Edited by B. Venkat Mani and Caroline Levine
2012Peripheral Realisms. Edited by Joe Cleary, Colleen Lye, and Jed Esty
2011Literary Value. Edited by Marshall Brown and Joseph Luzzi
2009Romancing Scotland. Edited by Marshall Brown
2009Performance and History: What History?
Essays in Honor of Herbert Blau
. Edited by Marshall Brown and Herbert Blau
2008Influence. Edited by Andrew Elfenbein
2008China in the Twentieth Century. Edited by Wang Ning
2007Globalism on the Move. Edited by Marshall Brown
2006Genre and History. Edited by Marshall Brown and Barbara Fuchs
2004Postcolonialism and the Past. Edited by David J. Baker and Barbara Fuchs
2004Feminism in Time. Edited by Marshall Brown and Margaret Ferguson
2003National Literary Histories. Edited by Marshall Brown and Brook Thomas
2001Periodization: Cutting Up the Past. Edited by Marshall Brown
2000Reading for Form. Edited by Susan J. Wolfson and Marshall Brown
1997Pierre Bourdieu and Literary History. Edited by Marshall Brown
1996The Places of History: Regionalism Revisited in Latin America. Edited by Doris Sommer
1993The State of Literary History. Edited by Marshall Brown and John C. Coldewey
1992Tradition and Innovation in Fifteenth-Century Poetry. Edited by A. S. G. Edwards
1990Studies in Honor of David C. Fowler. Edited by Míceál Vaughan
1990Humanism and Public Life. Edited by C. Stephen Jaeger

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