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Author Title Issue Year
Muhsin J. Al-Musawi Engaging Globalization in Modern Arabic Literature: Appropriation and Resistance 68.22007
Rachel Albow Taking Responsibility in Desire and Domestic Fiction 80.12019
Sam Alexander Population Thinking and Narrative Networks: Dickens, Joyce, and The Wire 82.32021
Charles Altieri Can We Be Historical Ever? Some Hopes for a Dialectical Model of Historical Self-Consciousness 54.11993
Reading Bradley After Reading Laforgue: How Eliot Transformed Symbolist Poetics into a Paradigmatic Modernism 72.22011
Resistance to Song: A Modernist View of Early Modern Lyric 82.22021
Timothy Anderson There’s Something about Murray: Victorian Literary Societies and Alfred Forman’s Translation of Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen 82.32021
Jonathan Arac What Is the History of Literature? 54.11993
Why Should Marxist Critics Fight Over George Eliot? 77.42016
Introduction: Desire and Domestic Fiction after Thirty Years 80.12019
MLQ and Marshall Brown among Their Peers 82.32021
Nancy Armstrong A Novel Nation; or, How to Rethink Modern England as an Emergent Culture 54.31993
Afterword: Waiting for Foucault 80.12019
Author Title Issue Year
Katerina E. Bachinger The Aesthetics of Not Keeping in Step: Reading the Consumer Mobocracy of Poe's "The Devil in the Belfry" against Peacock 51.41990
David J. Baker "Lasciatemi Morir": Representations of the Diva's Swan Song 53.41992
The Postcolonial Past 65.32004
Jonathan Baldo Exporting Oblivion in The Tempest 56.21995
Adam Barrows Eastward Journeys: Literary Crossings of the International Date Line 73.22012
Abu-Manneh Bashir Palestinian Trajectories: Novel and Politics since 1948 75.42014
Jasper Bernes John Ashbery’s Free Indirect Labor 74.42013
Nicholas Birns The System Cannot Withstand Close Scrutiny: 1966, the Hopkins Conference, and the Anomalous Rise of Theory 75.32014
Herbert Blau Why "What History?" 70.12009
R. Howard Bloch The Once and Future Middle Ages 54.11993
Beth Blum Ulysses as Self-Help Manual?: James Joyce’s Strategic Populism 74.12013
Katherine Bode The Concurrence of “Close” and “Distant” Reading; Or, Towards a New Object for Data-Rich Literary History 78.12017
Why you can’t model away bias 81.12020
The Difference an Editor Makes 82.32021
Marijeta Bozovic The Voices of Keti Chukhrov: Radical Poetics after the Soviet Union 80.42019
Joshua Branciforte Pope’s Perversity: Tastemaking in Liberal Culture 80.32019
Patrick M. Bray “Dried Fruits”: Flaubert, Marx, and the Literary-Historical Event 81.42020
Kevin Brazil Lateness and Lessness 81.22020
Michaela Bronstein A Case for Literary Transhistory: Ngũgĩ’s Use of Conrad 75.32014
Jordan Brower "Written with the Movies in Mind": Twentieth-Century American Literature and Transmedial Possibility 78.22017
Marshall Brown Prelude, Chorale, and Fugue 54.11993
Periods and Resistances 62.42001
Literature in Time 65.12004
Globalism or Globalization? 68.22007
Editor's note, Performance and History 70.12009
Introduction 79.32018
Vale atque Ave 82.22021
Is a Grapefruit Better than a Grape? A Manifesto for Journal Publication 82.22021
Marina Brownlee Intricate Alliances: Some Spanish Formulations of Language and Empire 67.12006
Gerald L. Bruns Along the Fatal Narrative Turn (Toward an Anarchic Theory of Literary History) 57.11996
The Impossible Experience of Words: Blanchot, Beckett, and The Materiality of Language 76.12015
Margaret Bruzelius "The King of England...Loved to Look upon a MAN": Melancholy and Masculinity in Scott's Talisman 62.12001
Emily Miller Budick Literature, Ideology, and the Measure of Moral Freedom: The Case of Aharon Appelfeld's Badenhaim 'Ir Nofesh 60.21999
Sanford Budick Descartes's Cogito, Kant's Sublime, and Rembrandt's Philosophers: Cultural Transmission as Occasion for Freedom 58.11997
Kant's Miltonic Test of Talent: The Presence of "When I Consider" in the Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals 61.32000
Acts of Meditative Mind in "The Ruined Cottage" 79.22018
Marcus Bullock Benjamin, Baudelaire, Rossetti, and the Discovery of Error 53.21992
Miranda J. Burgess Violent Translations: Allegory, Gender, and Cultural Nationalism in Ireland, 1796-1806 59.11998
Stacy Burton Paradoxical Relations: Bakhtin and Modernism 61.32000
Marilyn Butler The Purple Turban and the Flowering Aloe Tree: Signs of Distinction in the Early-Nineteenth-Century Novel 58.41997
Kristine Byron “Books and Bad Company": Reading the Female Plot in Teresa de la Parra’s Ifigenia 64.32003
Eric Byville "This More Delusive": Tantalus and Seneca in Paradise Lost 69.22008
Author Title Issue Year
Michael Calabrese The Rhetorics of Sexual Pleasure and Intolerance in the Middle English Cleanness 56.31995
Joel Calahan Introduction 77.12016
Kenneth S. Calhoon Emil Jannings, Falstaff, and the Spectacle of the Body Natural 58.11997
Nicholas Carr Modern Time: Temporality and the Realism of Romantic History 80.22019
David Carroll The Enlightenment of the French Eye: The Limits of Intellectual History and the Master Narrative of Vision 56.41995
Joseph Carroll Pater's Figures of Perplexity 52.31991
Luke Carson Republicanism and Leisure in Marianne Moore's Depression 63.32002
Anthony J. Cascardi Poetry as Political Foundationalism; or, The Dangers of Discursive Dominance 54.31993
A Response to Timothy J. Reiss 54.31993
Robert L. Caserio The Heat of the Day: Modernism and Narrative in Paul de Man and Elizabeth Bowen 54.21993
Debra A. Castillo Reading Loose Women Reading 57.21996
Eric Cazdyn Anti-anti: Utopia, Globalization, Jameson 68.22007
Roger Chartier Genre between Literature and History 67.12006
Donald J. Childs Mrs. Dalloway's Unexpected Guests: Virginia Woolf, T. S. Eliot, and Matthew Arnold 58.11997
Katerina Clark The Soviet Project of the 1930s to Found a ‘World Literature’ and British Literary Internationalism 80.42019
Joe Cleary Realism after Modernism and the Literary World System 73.32012
Gerard Cohen-Vrignaud Capitalism's Wishful Thinking 76.22015
John C. Coldewey Prelude, Chorale, and Fugue 54.11993
Albert Cook Wisdom and Ethics 52.11991
Rita Copeland Lydgate, Hawes, and the Science of Rhetoric in the Late Middle Ages 53.11992
Eleni Coundouriotis What Is and Isn’t Changing? 81.42020
History of the In-Between: World Literature and the Contemporary African Novel 81.42020
Eleanor Courtemanche Satire and the "Inevitability Effect": The Structure of Utopian Fiction from Looking Backward to Portlandia 76.22015
Peter Coviello Intimacy and Affliction: DuBois, Race, and Psychoanalysis 64.12003
Loren Cressler Asinine Heroism and the Mediation of Empire in Chaucer, Marlowe, and Shakespeare 81.32020
William Crisman "Thus Far Had the Work Been Transcribed": Coleridge's Use of Kant's Pre-Critical Writings and the Rhetoric of "On the Imagination" 52.41991
Anthony J. Cuda Who Stood Over Eliot's Shoulder? 66.32005
Reinventing Modernism: Randall Jarrell’s Unwritten Essay on T. S. Eliot 82.12021
Jonathan Culler "Feminism in Time": A Response 65.12004
Matthew Curr Recuperating E. M. Forster's Maurice 62.12001
Author Title Issue Year
Theo D'haen On Failing to Make the Past Present 73.32012
With Chinese Characteristics 79.32018
John Dagenais The Postcolonial Laura 65.32004
Roberto M. Dainotto With Plato in Italy: The Value of Literary Fiction in Napoleonic Italy 72.32011
Leigh Dale Lessons from the Past? 75.22014
T.H. Green and the Modern Novel: English at Oxford 75.22014
David Damrosch Scriptworlds: Global Scripts and the Formation of World Literature 68.22007
World Literature in a Postliterary Age 74.22013
Joseph A. Dane "Everlastinge to Posterytie": Chatterton's Spirited Youth 63.22002
Daniel Davies Medieval Scottish Historians and the Contest for Britain 82.22021
Simone Weil Davis "The Burden of Reflecting": Effort and Desire in Zelda Fitzgerald's Save Me the Waltz 56.31995
Tony Day Locating Indonesian Literature in the World 68.22007
Paulo de Medeiros Blindness, Invisibility, and the Negative Inheritance of World Literature 74.22013
Jason De Stefano The Birth of Creativity: Emerson's Creative Impulse 80.22019
Tim Dean Genre Blindness in the New Descriptivism 81.42020
Sharae Deckard Peripheral Realism, Millennial Capitalism, and Roberto Bolaño’s 2666 73.32012
Joan DeJean The Time of Commitment: Reading "Sapho 1900" Reading Sappho 65.12004
Ann T. Delehanty From Judgment to Sentiment: Changing Theories of the Sublime and Its Audience, 1674-1710 66.22005
Richard Dellamora Textual Politics/Sexual Politics 54.11993
Arcadio Diáz-Quiñones Salvador Brau: The Paradox of the Autonomista Tradition 57.21996
Petra Dierkes-Thrun "The Brutal Music and the Delicate Text"? Wilde's Symbolist-Decadent Aesthetic and Richard Strauss's Modernism in Salome Reconsidered 69.32008
Christopher Diller Signifying on Stowe: Ralph Ellison and the Sentimental Rhetoric of Invisible Man 75.42014
Steven Dillon The Archaeology of Victorian Literature 54.21993
Victorian Interior 62.22001
Robert Dingley Coming Back for Seconds: Professing English Literature in British Universities, 1880-1914 75.22014
Thomas DiPiero Voltaire's Parrot; or, How to Do Things with Birds 70.32009
Tim Dolin Who Belongs Where in The Woodlanders? 73.42012
César Domínguez The South European Orient: A Comparative Reflection on Space in Literary History 67.42006
Michelle Dowd The Witch from Colchis: Corneille's Médée, Chimène's Le Cid, and the Invention of Classical Genius 69.32008
Michelle M. Dowd The Veritable Véritable Saint Genest: Tragedy and Martyr Play in Jean Rotrou 79.12018
Judith Shakespeare's Brother 80.12019
Heather Dubrow Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Reinterpreting Formalism and the Country House Poem 61.12000
Ian Duncan The Moonstone, the Victorian Novel, and Imperialist Panic 55.31994
Romancing Scotland 70.42009
Introduction 77.12016
From Grief to Leisure: “Lycidas” in the Eighteenth Century 77.12016
Against the Bildungsroman 80.12019
Angela Dunstan The Shelley Society, Literary Lectures and the Global Circulation of English Literature and Scholarly Practice 75.22014
Rachel Blau DuPlessis Marble Paper: Toward a Feminist "History of Poetry" 65.12004
Author Title Issue Year
Matthew Eatough Tradition and Innovation in the Macaronic Poetry of Dunbar and Skelton 53.11992
Bowen’s Court and the Anglo-Irish World-System 73.12012
A. S. G. Edwards The Merchant's Tale and Moral Chaucer 51.31990
Tradition and Innovation in Fifteenth-Century Poetry 53.11992
Sarah Ehlers Making It Old: The Victorian/Modern Divide in Twentieth-Century American Poetry 73.12012
Andrew Elfenbein Byronism and the Work of Homosexual Performance in Early Victorian England 54.41993
Defining Influences 69.42008
On the Discrimination of Influences 69.42008
The United States of Raveloe 75.22014
Eric Eliason The Rhetorics of Sexual Pleasure and Intolerance in the Middle English Cleanness 56.31995
Katherine Elkins Memory and Material Significance: Composing Modernist Influence 69.42008
Sarah Ellenzweig Paradise Lost and the Secret of Lucretian Sufficiency 75.32014
Julie Ellison News, Blues, and Cowper's Busy World 62.32001
Jody Enders The Feminist Mnemonics of Christine de Pizan 55.31994
James English Introduction 77.32016
Now, Not Now: Counting Time in Contemporary Fiction Studies 77.32016
Richard Epstein Inevitability in Law and Literature: A Strained Relationship 76.22015
Murakishi Esei Politics: Divide and Rule 62.42001
Barbara L. Estrin Lowelling and Laureling: Revising Gender and Genre in Robert Lowell's Day by Day 57.11996
Jed Esty Peripheral Realisms Now 73.32012
The Life after Texts, the Life within Them 82.32021
Ben Etherington World Literature as a Speculative Literary Totality: Veselovsky, Auerbach, Said, and the Critical-Humanist Tradition 82.22021
Ottmar Ette Toward a Polylogical Philology of the Literature of the World 77.22016
Author Title Issue Year
Samuel Fallon Robert Greene's Ghosts 77.22016
Mary A. Favret War in the Air 65.42004
Susanna Greer Fein Form and Continuity in the Alliterative Tradition: Cruciform Design and Double Birth in Two Stanzaic Poems 53.11992
Harris Feinsod World Poetry: Commonplaces of an Idea 80.42019
Dino Franco Felluga Truth is Stranger than Fiction: Don Juan and the Truth Claims of Genre 77.12016
Frances Ferguson Jane Austen, Emma, and the Impact of Form 61.12000
Margaret Ferguson Feminism in Time: An Introduction 65.12004
Susanna F. Ferlito Mapping European Philosophy: The Coy Politics of Manzoni's Lettera a Victor Cousin 59.21998
Ina Ferris Mobile Words: Romantic Travel Writing and Print Anxiety 60.41999
"On the Borders of Oblivion": Scott's Historical Novel and the Modern Time of the Remnant 70.42009
Megan M. Ferry Women's Literary History: Inventing Tradition in Modern China 66.32005
Heather Fielding “The Project of His Consciousness": James and Narrative Technology 70.22009
Norman Finkelstein Applied Petrarchism: The Loves of Pietro Bembo 57.31996
Brian Finney Marvin Carlson, Theatre Semiotics: Signs of Life 51.41990
Sibylle Maria Fischer Geography and Representation in Machado de Assis 55.21994
Alan Fischler Guano and Poetry: Payment for Playwriting in Victorian England 62.12001
Daniel Fischlin "Tis Like I Cannot Tell What": Desire, Indeterminacy, and Erotic Performance in the English Ayre 56.41995
Laura R. Fisher Evolution of the Popular Hero in the English Octavian Romances 51.31990
Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Novel Aesthetics 78.42017
Juan Flores Broken English Memories 57.21996
Douwe Fokkema Chinese Postmodernist Fiction 69.12008
Valerie Forman Early Modern "Neoliberalisms": England and the English Caribbean 72.32011
Mark Fortier Married with Children: The Winter's Tale and Social History; or, Infacticide in Earlier Seventeen-Century England 57.41996
Daniel H. Foster Sheet Music Iconography and Music in the History of Transatlantic Minstrelsy 70.12009
Morgan Day Frank Fourth and Long 80.32019
Carla Freccero Queer Nation, Female Nation: Marguerite de Navarre, Incest, and the State in Early Modern France 65.12004
Hannah Freed-Thall Heart-Sick: The Language of French Disgust 79.42018
Susan Stanford Friedman Alternatives to Periodization: Literary History, Modernism, and the “New” Temporalities 80.42019
Andrea Frisch French Tragedy and the Civil Wars 67.32006
Paul H. Fry The Hum of Literature: Ostension in Language 54.11993
How to Live with the Infinite Regress of Strong Misreading 69.42008
The New Metacriticisms and the Fate of Interpretation 81.32020
Barbara Fuchs The Postcolonial Past 65.32004
Forms of Engagement 67.12006
Don Quijote I and the Forging of National History 68.32007
Suspended Judgments: Scepticism and the Pact of Fictionality in Cervantes’ Picaresque Novellas 76.42015
Literary History Writ Large; or, The Multilingual MLQ 82.32021
Tim Fulford Coleridge, Böhme, and the Language of Nature 52.11991
Romanticizing the Empire: The Naval Heroes of Southey, Coleridge, Austen, and Marryat 60.21999
John Funchion When Dorothy Became History: L. Frank Baum’s Enduring Fantasy of Cosmopolitan Nostalgia 71.42010
Author Title Issue Year
Toral Jatin Gajarawala The Casteized Consciousness: Literary Realism and the Politics of Particularism 73.32012
Catherine Gallagher Nobody's Story: Gender, Property, and the Rise of the Novel 53.31992
Formalism and Time 61.12000
Haifa Saud Galperin Liberty and the Literary: Coloniality and Nahdawist Comparative Criticism of Ruhi al-Khalidi's History of the Science of Literature with the Franks, the Arabs, and Victor Hugo 77.42016
Michael Gamer Waverley and the Object of (Literary) History 70.42009
John M. Ganim Recent Studies on Literature, Architecture, and Urbanism 56.31995
Cities of Words: Recent Studies on Urbanism and Literature 63.32002
José María Rodríguez García Valencia's Verlaine: The Social History of a Colombian Verse 68.42007
Florian Gargaillo “Past Echoes of Cruelty and Nonsense” in Stevie Smith 79.12018
Mary M. Gaylord The True History of Early Modern Writing in Spanish: Some American Reflections 57.21996
Giuseppe Gazzola Return to Tiraboschi: On Italian Literary Canon Formation and National Identity 76.32015
Jay Geller Hegel's Self-Conscious Woman 53.21992
Linda Georgianna Periodization and Politics: The Case of the Missing Twelfth Century in English Literary History 64.22003
Simon Gikandi Realism, Romance, and the Problem of African Literary History 73.32012
Phantom Time: Literary History at the Edge of the Nation 80.42019
Donald Gilbert-Santamaría Maravall's Post-Hegelian Roots 70.32009
Mary Ann Gillies Thomas Hardy: Modernist Poet 51.41990
Paul Gilmore Mechanical Means: Emersonian Aesthetic Transcendence and Antebellum Technology 65.22004
Ruth Ginsburg The Anxiety of Fatherhood 52.41991
Hal Gladfelder The Hard Work of Doing Nothing: Richard Savage's Parallel Lives 64.42003
Nancy Glazener The Browning Society in U.S. Public Literary Culture 75.22014
David Glimp Paradisal Arithmetic: Paradise Lost and the Genesis of Populations 60.11999
Mark Goble Cameo Appearances; or, When Gertrude Stein Checks In to the Grand Hotel 62.22001
Brian Goldberg "A Sea Reflecting Love": Tennyson, Shelley, and the Aesthetics of the Image in the Marketplace 59.11998
Lauren M. E. Goodlad The Mad Men in the Attic: Seriality and Identity in the Narrative of Capitalist Globalization 73.22012
What Is and Isn’t Changing? 81.42020
A Study in Distant Reading: Genre and the Longue Durée in the Age of AI 81.42020
Marshall Brown, Editor Extraordinaire 82.32021
David Gorman The Future of Literary Study: An Experiment in Guesswork 72.12011
Andrea Goulet Legacies of the Rue Morgue: Street Names and Private/Public Violence in Modern French Crime Fiction 68.12007
Herbert Grabes Cultivating a Common Literary Heritage: British Histories of English Literature since World War II 64.22003
Richard T. Gray Imaginary Value and the Value of the Imaginary: J. G. Schlosser, E. T. A. Hoffmann, and the Convergence of Aesthetics and Economics in German Romanticism 72.32011
Margreta de Grazia Hamlet Before Its Time 62.42001
Marissa Greenberg Predicting the Past 65.32004
Milton Much Revolving 78.32017
Roland Greene Colonial Becomes Postcolonial 65.32004
Virginie Greene Shakespeare, Women, and French Romanticism 65.42004
Robert Griffin The Age of "The Age of" is Over: Johnson and New Versions of the Late Eighteenth Century 62.42001
Ming Dong Gu Lu Xun and Modernism/Postmodernism 69.12008
John Guillory Bourdieu's Refusal 58.41997
Donald L. Guss The Power of Selfhood: Shakespeare's Hamlet, Milton's Samson 54.41993
Sylvaine Guyot Opacity of Theater: Reading Racine with and Against Louis Marin 77.22016
Author Title Issue Year
Thomas F. Haddox Elizabeth Spencer, the White Civil Rights Novel, and Postsouthern 65.42004
Nicholas Halmi Romanticism, the Temporalization of History, and the Historicization of Form 74.32013
Mary Hamel Arthurian Romance in Fifteenth-Century Lindsey: The Books of the Lords Welles 51.31990
John T. Hamilton Thunder from a Clear Sky: On Lessing's Redemption of Horace 62.32001
Musicon Location: Rhyme, Resonance, and Romanticism in Eichendorff's Marmorbild 70.22009
Timothy Hampton On the Border: Geography, Gender, and Narrative Form in the Heptaméron 57.41996
The Diplomatic Moment: Representing Negotiation in Early Modern Europe 67.12006
Barbara A. Hanawalt Trial Transcript, Romance, Propaganda: Joan of Arc and the French Body Politic 57.41996
Ralph Hanna III The Difficulty of Ricardian Prose Translation: The Case of the Lollards 51.31990
Jaime Hanneken Going Mundial: What It Really Means to Desire Paris 71.22010
Michael Hansen Introduction 77.12016
Michael Harrawood Shakespeare in the Caribbean: The Morant Bay Massacre, Jamaica, 1865 65.22004
Elizabeth W. Harries "Out in Left Field": Charlotte Smith's Prefaces, Bourdieu's Categories, and the Public Sphere 58.41997
Donal Harris Understanding Eliot: Mass Media and Literary Modernism in the American Century 76.42015
Julie Candler Hayes Look but Don't Read: Chinese Characters and the Translating Drive from John Wilkins to Peter Greenaway 60.31999
Eric Hayot On Literary Worlds 72.22011
Literary History after Literary Dominance 80.42019
Chengzhou He Women and the Search for Modernity: Rethinking Modern Chinese Drama 69.12008
Megan Heffernan Gathered by Invention: Additive Forms and Inference in Gascoigne’s Poesy 76.42015
Timothy Heimlich Romantic Wales and the Imperial Picturesque 81.22020
Richard Helgerson Writing Against Writing: Humanism and the Form of Coke's Institutes 51.21990
Before National Literary History 64.22003
Sophus Helle What is an Author? Old Answers to a New Question 80.22019
Elisabeth Helsinger Written and Writing Bards in Eighteenth-Century Lyric 53.41992
Just Beauty: Ovid and the Argument of Keats's "Ode on a Grecian Urn" 68.12007
What Is This Thing Called Song? 79.42018
Marius Hentea The Silence of the Last Poet: Matthew Arnold, T. S. Eliot, and the Value of the Classic 71.32010
Jonathan M. Hess The Return of Anachronism 62.42001
Scott Hess Posthuman Ecologies and the More-Than-Human World 77.42016
The Romantic Work of Genius: Author, Nature, Nation and the ‘Genial Criticism’ of Samuel Taylor Coleridge 80.32019
Christopher L. Hill Nana in the World: Novel, Gender, and Transnational Form 72.12011
James Hirsh Shakespeare and the History of Soliloquies 58.11997
Andrew Hoberek Race Man, Organization Man, Invisible Man 59.11998
Denis Hollier On Literature Considered as a Dead Language 54.11993
Michael Holquist The Last European: Erich Auerback as Precursor in the History of Cultural Criticism 54.31993
Lewis Horne The Way of Resentment in Dombey and Son 51.11990
Jean Howard Shakespeare and the Geographies of the Early Modern World 64.32003
Ted Howell An Imperialist Inherits the Earth: Howards End in the Anthropocene 77.42016
Alexander C. Y. Huang Cosmopolitanism and Its Discontents: The Dialectic between the Global and the Local in Lao She's Fiction 69.12008
Heidi Yu Huang The Hong Kong Dilemma and a Constellation Solution 76.32015
J. Andrew Hubbell “It Was an Ancient Mariner”: Sir Ernest Shackleton Rewrites the Romantic Quest 71.32010
Nicholas Hudson Arts of Seduction and the Rhetoric of Clarissa 51.11990
J. G. Hughes Marcos de Orbregón: Espinel's Case for a New Kind of "Gran historia" 52.21991
Andrew Hui The Soundscape of the Dying Pagan Gods in Milton's Nativity Ode 78.32017
Robert D. Hume “London” in Comedy from Michaelmas Term to The Beggar’s Opera 74.32013
Axiologies: Past and Present Concepts of Literary Value 78.22017
Maurice Hunt Kairos and the Ripeness of Time in As You Like It 52.21991
J.Paul Hunter Formalism and History: Binarism and the Anglophone Couplet 61.12000
George Huppert Peter Ramus: The Humanist as Philosophe 51.21990
Linda Hutcheon Interventionist Literary Histories: Nostalgic, Pragmatic, or Utopian? 59.41998
Peter Höyng “The Gospel of World Harmony” or Beethoven’s Transformation of Schiller’s An die Freude to World Music Literature 74.22013
Author Title Issue Year
Katherine Ibbett Heroes and History's Remainders: The Restes of Pierre Corneille 69.32008
Seo Hee Im Between Habbakuk and Locke: Pain, Debt, and Economic Subjectivation in Paradise Lost 78.12017
Raphael Ingelbien The Critique of Hamletism in The Wild Irish Girl and Corinne 72.22011
Author Title Issue Year
Noel Jackson Rhyme and Reason: Erasmus Darwin's Romanticism 70.22009
Virginia Jackson Longfellow's Tradition; or, Picture-Writing a Nation 59.41998
Historical Poetics and the Dream of Interpretation: A Response to Paul Fry 81.32020
C. Stephen Jaeger Humanism and Public Life 51.21990
Colin Jager Mansfield Park and the End of Natural Theology 63.12002
Shaun Kelley Jahshan Reader-Oriented Polyphony? Zhang Zhupo's Commentary on the Jin Ping Mei 56.11995
Heather James Royal Jokes and Sovereign Mystery in Castiglione and Marguerite de Navarre 64.42003
The Poet's Toys: Marlowe, Erotic Elegy, and the Liberty of Speech 67.12006
Fredric Jameson Antinomies of the Realism-Modernism Debate 73.32012
Regina Janes Revisiting García Márquez among the Bananas 71.42010
Simon Jarvis Superversive Poetics: Browning’s Fifine at the Fair 77.12016
Daniel Javitch The Emergence of Poetic Genre Theory in the Sixteenth Century 59.21998
The Poetics of Variatio in Orlando Furioso 66.12005
Reconsidering the Last Part of Orlando Furioso: Romance to the Bitter End 71.42010
Martin Jay Downcast Eyes: The Denigration of Vision in Twentieth-Century French Thought by Martin Jay 56.41995
William Jewett Hawthorne's Romanticism: From Canon to Corpus 57.11996
Odai Johnson Unspeakable Histories: Terror, Spectacle, and Genocidal Memory 70.12009
Rebecca Johnson The Arabian Nights, Arab-European Literary Influence, and the Lineages of the Novel 68.22007
Constance Jordan The Household and the State: Transformations in the Representation of an Analogy from Aristotle to James I 54.31993
François Jullien Rethinking Comparison (translated by Erik Anspach) 73.42012
Catherine Jurca Tarzan, Lord of the Suburbs 57.31996
Author Title Issue Year
Djelal Kadir World Literature: The Allophone, the Differential, and the Common 74.22013
Peter Kalliney Modernism, African Literature, and the Cold War 76.32015
Literary History after the Nation? 80.42019
Julie Kane The Myth of the Fixed-Form Villanelle 64.42003
Daniel Katz Ezra Pound’s Provincial Provence: Arnaut Daniel, Gavin Douglas, and the Vulgar Tongue 73.22012
Tamar Katz "In the House and Garden of His Dream": Pater's Domestic Subject 56.21995
Robert Kaufman Everybody Hates Kant: Blakean Formalism and the Symmetries of Laura Moriarty 61.12000
Monika Kaup "The Future is Entirely Fabulous": The Baroque Genealogy of Latin America's Modernity 68.22007
Thomas M. Kavanagh Reading the Moment and the Moment of Reading in Graffigny's Lettres d'une péruvienne 55.21994
Simon Kemp Postpsychoanalytic Proust 75.12014
Neil Kenny Books in Space and Time: Bibliomania and Early Modern Histories of Learning and "Literature" in France 61.22000
Dennis Kezar Shakespeare's Guilt Trip in Henry V 61.32000
Law, Form, History: Shakespeare's Verdict in All Is True 63.12002
Maryam Wasif Khan The Oriental Tale and the Transformation of North-Indian Prose Fiction 78.12017
Richard King Collaborating with the Forebear: Dryden's Reception of Ben Jonson 54.31993
Jon Klancher Godwin and the Republican Romance: Genre, Politics, and Contingency in Cultural History 56.21995
Stephen Knadler Back to “Oriental” Africa: Islamicism and Becoming African in the Early Black Atlantic 72.12011
Michal Kobialka Theater/Performance Historiography: Politics, Ethics, and the Now 70.12009
Zsolt Komáromy Contradictions as Patterns in Literary History: Skepticism, Common Sense, and the Conversational Idiom of Churchill and Cowper 80.12019
Jill Anne Kowalik Feminine Identity Formation in Wilhelm Meisters Lehrajahre 53.21992
Lawrence Kramer The Real in Embers, the Arts Inflamed 54.21993
Revenants: Masculine Thresholds in Schubert, James, and Freud 57.31996
Jonathan Brody Kramnick Reading Shakespeare's Novels: Literary History and Cultural Politics in the Lennox-Johnson Debate 55.41994
Sanjay Krishnan V. S. Naipaul and Historical Derangement 73.32012
Mendicino Kristina Realism, Reception, 1968, and West Africa 73.32012
Anthony Kubiak The Sacred Clade and the Rhizomatic Dis-ease of History 70.12009
Aaron Kunin Other Hands in Pepys' Diary 65.22004
Characters Lounge 70.32009
James Kuzner Metaphysical Freedom 74.42013
George Herbert’s “The Flower” and the Problem of Praise 82.12021
Author Title Issue Year
Michael Lackey The Autonomy of Art and the Legitimization of Biofiction: An Aesthetic Turning Point in Twentieth-Century Literature 82.32021
Lisa Lampert Race, Periodicity, and the (Neo-) Middle Ages 65.32004
Liam Lanigan Toward a Realism of the World-System: John Lanchester’s Capital and the Global City 82.42021
Yoon Sun Lee Type, Totality, and the Realism of Asian American Literature 73.32012
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Author Title Issue Year
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