Biographical notes

MLQ publishes a biographical note, preferably six lines or less, for each article and review. The bio includes the contributor's name (as it appears in the byline), rank, affiliation, and previous MLQ articles published; it may also include the contributor's most recent works and areas of research. Subtitles of works are given only if they contain essential information. Dates of publication are given, but not the names of publishers.

Here are a range of examples from past issues:

Marjorie Perloff is Sadie Dernham Patek Professor of Humanities at Stanford University. Her most recent book is Radical Artifice: Writing Poetry in the Age of Media (1992). A coedited collection of essays on John Cage's American "poethics" is forthcoming.
Lawrence Lipking is Chester D. Tripp Professor of Humanities at Northwestern University. This essay returns to some themes addressed in "The Genie in the Lamp: M. H. Abrams and the Motives of Literary History," which appeared in his edited volume High Romantic Argument: Essays for M. H. Abrams (1981). His most recent book is Abandoned Women and Poetic Tradition (1988).
Annabel Patterson is professor of English and literature at Duke University. Her books include Censorship and Interpretation (1984), Shakespeare and the Popular Voice (1989), and Reading between the Lines (1993), a collection of essays on the relations between literature and history, and high and popular culture.

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