Volume 51, Issue 2 | June 1990

Special Issue: Humanism and Public Life

Author Title
C. Stephen Jaeger Humanism and Public Life
Author Title
Lauro Martines The Protean Face of Renaissance Humanism
James D. Tracy From Humanism to the Humanities: A Critique of Grafton and Jardine
Janet Marion Martin Cicero's Jokes at the Court of Henry II of England: Roman Humor and the Princely Ideal
Ronald G. Witt Civic Humanism and the Rebirth of the Ciceronian Oration
Neal Wood Cicero and the Political Thought of the Early English Renaissance
George Huppert Peter Ramus: The Humanist as Philosophe
Richard Helgerson Writing Against Writing: Humanism and the Form of Coke's Institutes
Jesse Rosenthal Writing Public Poetry: Humanism and the Woman Writer

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