Volume 52, Issue 1 | March 1991

Author Title
Albert Cook Wisdom and Ethics
Tim Fulford Coleridge, Böhme, and the Language of Nature
Elaine N. Orr Contractual Law, Relational Whisper: A Reading of Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth
Jack Murray Colonial Bodies: Gide's L'Immoraliste as an Intertext of Camus's "La Femme adultère"
Margaret Scanlan Terror as Usual in Friedrich Dürrenmatt's The Assignment
Author Title
Elaine Tuttle Hansen Katherine Heinrichs, The Myths of Love: Classical Lovers in Medieval Literature
Douglas Kelly Leonard W. Johnson, Poets as Players: Theme and Variation in Late Medieval French Poetry
James Hirsh Charles A. and Elaine S. Hallett, Analyzing Shakespeare's Action: Scene versus Sequence
Susan J. Wolfson Peter W. Graham, "Don Juan" and Regency England

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