Volume 54, Issue 1 | March 1993

Special Issue: The State of Literary History

Author Title
Marshall Brown and John C. Coldewey Prelude, Chorale, and Fugue
Author Title
Lawrence Lipking A Trout in the Milk
Denis Hollier On Literature Considered as a Dead Language
Virgil Nemoianu Literary History: Some Roads Not (Yet) Taken
Charles Altieri Can We Be Historical Ever? Some Hopes for a Dialectical Model of Historical Self-Consciousness
Annabel Patterson More Speech on Free Speech
R. Howard Bloch The Once and Future Middle Ages
Meredith Anne Skura Understanding the Living and Talking to the Dead: The Historicity of Psychoanalysis
Peter Stallybrass Editing as Cultural Formation: The Sexing of Shakespeare's Sonnets
Jonathan Arac What Is the History of Literature?
Walter Benn Michaels The Victims of New Historicism
Marjorie Perloff Empiricism Once More
David Perkins Some Prospects for Literary History
Doris Sommer Textual Conquests: On Readerly Competence and "Minority" Literature
Richard Dellamora Textual Politics/Sexual Politics
Jerome McGann Literature, Meaning, and the Discontinuity of Fact
Paul H. Fry The Hum of Literature: Ostension in Language

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