Volume 54, Issue 3 | September 1993

Author Title
Constance Jordan The Household and the State: Transformations in the Representation of an Analogy from Aristotle to James I
Nancy Armstrong and Leonard Tennenhouse A Novel Nation; or, How to Rethink Modern England as an Emergent Culture
Richard King Collaborating with the Forebear: Dryden's Reception of Ben Jonson
Michael Holquist The Last European: Erich Auerback as Precursor in the History of Cultural Criticism
Review essay
Author Title
Anthony J. Cascardi Poetry as Political Foundationalism; or, The Dangers of Discursive Dominance
Timothy J. Reiss A Response to Anthony J. Cascardi
The Limits of Discursive Idealism
Anthony J. Cascardi A Response to Timothy J. Reiss
Author Title
Marshall Brown Studies in Historical Change, Ralph Cohen, ed.
Seth Lerer Chaucer and the Subject of History by Lee Patterson
Ambreen Hai The Art of Medieval French Romance by Douglas Kelly
Martin A. Hipsky, Jr. Retelling/Rereading: The Fate of Storytelling in Modern Times by Karl Kroeber

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