Volume 58, Issue 2 | June 1997

Author Title
Seth Lerer The Genre of the Grave and the Origins of the Middle English Lyric
Robert Stevick Political Culture and Literary History: La Harpe's Lycée
Sowon S. Park The First Professional: The Women Writers' Suffrage League
Daniel T. McGee Post-Marxism: The Opiate of the Intellectuals
Author Title
George W. Pigman, III Manuscript, Print, and the English Renaissance Lyric by Arthur F. Marotti
Eric Rothstein The Rhetoric of Suffering: Reading the Book of Job in the Eighteenth Century by Jonathan Lamb
Andreas Huyssen Stations of the Divided Subject: Contestation and Ideological Legitimation in German Bourgeois Literature, 1770-1914 by Richard T. Gray
Irmela Hijiya-Kirschnereit The Dilemma of the Modern in Japanese Fiction by Dennis C. Washburn
Virgil Nemoianu Art for Art's Sake and Literary Life: How Politics and Markets Helped Shape the Ideology and Culture of Aestheticism, 1790-1990 by Gene H. Bell-Villada

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