Volume 58, Issue 4 | December 1997

Special Issue: Pierre Bourdieu and Literary History

Author Title
John Guillory Bourdieu's Refusal
William Paulson The Market of Printed Goods: On Bourdieu's Rules
Jonathan Loesberg Bourdieu's Derrida's Kant: The Aesthetics of Refusing Aesthetics
Trevor Ross "Pure Poetry": Cultural Capital and the Rejection of Classicism
Elizabeth W. Harries "Out in Left Field": Charlotte Smith's Prefaces, Bourdieu's Categories, and the Public Sphere
Marilyn Butler The Purple Turban and the Flowering Aloe Tree: Signs of Distinction in the Early-Nineteenth-Century Novel
Author Title
Toril Moi The Challenge of the Particular Case: Bourdieu's Sociology of Culture and Literary Criticism

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