Volume 59, Issue 2 | June 1998

Author Title
Daniel Javitch The Emergence of Poetic Genre Theory in the Sixteenth Century
Esei Murakishi "Men, Monkeys, Lap-dogs, Parrots, Perish All!" Psittacine Articulacy in Early Modern Writing
Susanna F. Ferlito Mapping European Philosophy: The Coy Politics of Manzoni's Lettera a Victor Cousin
Helmut Müller-Sievers Skullduggery: Goethe and Oken, Natural Philosophy and Freedom of the Press
Author Title
William A. Oram What is Pastoral? by Paul Alpers
Susan J. Wolfson A Defense of Poetry: Reflections on the Occasion of Writing by Paul H. Fry
David Collings The Poetics of Sensibility: A Revolution in Literary Style by Jerome McGann
Richard Halpern Afterlives of the Saints: Hagiography, Typology, and Renaissance Literature by Julia Reinhard Lupton
Ian Duncan The Progress of Romance: Literary Historiography and the Gothic Novel by David H. Richter

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