Volume 60, Issue 3 | September 1999

Author Title
Elizabeth A. Spiller Cervantes avant la Lettre: The Material Transformation of Romance Reading Culture in Don Quijote
Thomas Pfau The Voice of Critique: Aesthetic Cognition after Kant
Julie Candler Hayes Look but Don't Read: Chinese Characters and the Translating Drive from John Wilkins to Peter Greenaway
Wen-Chin Ouyang The Imagined Modern Nation in Yusuf Idris's Al-farafir
Author Title
Norman Finkelstein The Story of All Things: Writing the Self in English Renaissance Narrative Poetry by Marshall Grossman
Joycelyn K. Moody "Huckleberry Finn" as Idol and Target: The Functions of Criticism in Our Time by Jonathan Arc
Carla Kaplan Neither Black nor White yet Both: Thematic Explorations of Interracial Literature by Werner Sollors
Kevin Kopelson After the Lovedeath: Sexual Violence and the Making of Culture by Lawrence Kramer
Catherine Gimelli Martin Reinventing Allegory by Theresa M. Kelley

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