Volume 62, Issue 3 | September 2001

Author Title
John T. Hamilton Thunder from a Clear Sky: On Lessing's Redemption of Horace
Julie Ellison News, Blues, and Cowper's Busy World
Mark Wolff Individuality and L'Esprit Franšais: On Gustave Lanson's Pedagogy
Sergio Waisman Ethics and Aesthetics North and South: Translation in the Work of Ricardo Piglia  
I analyze how Ricardo Piglia's work emphasizes the privileged role of mistranslation, rewriting, and misreading in Argentine literature. The article focuses on Assumed Name and The Absent City (1992), in which Piglia reworks some of the techniques practiced by Jorge Luis Borges and Roberto Arlt, such as the appropriation and recontextualization of foreign texts, and applies them to the contentious socio-political setting of Argentina's 1970s, 80s, and 90s. By questioning literary lineages at times of political and aesthetic uncertainty, Piglia demonstrates how translation can function as an act of resistance in the periphery. As one of Piglia's translators in the U.S., I argue that translating Piglia's texts complicates the matter by revealing the need to include center-periphery dichotomies into contemporary debates about the effects of neoliberalism on culture and society. In the novel The Absent City, Piglia explores the relationship between individuals and language and the circulation of this relationship through society in narratives, mistranslated against the flow of state and market discourses, in the process addressing some of the key issues of our times, for north and south alike.
Author Title
John Plotz Practicing New Historicism by Catherine Gallagher and Stephen Greenblatt
Gregory Machacek The Full-Knowing Reader: Allusion and the Power of the Reader in the Western Literary Tradition by Joseph Pucci
Matthew Giancarlo The Making of Chaucer's English: A Study of Words by Christopher Cannon
Alan F. Nagel Petrarchan Love and the Continental Renaissance by Gordon Braden
Jane K. Brown Goethe: The Poet and the Age, Volume II: Revolution and Renunciation, 1790-1803 by Nicholas Boyle
Michael Galchinsky The Temple of Culture: Assimilation and Anti-Semitism in Literary Anglo-America by Jonathan Freedman

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