Lab Alumni

Laura Vianna

(Graduate Student, 2016-2023) Chief Research Officer, Divercial

Terrènce Pope

(Graduate Student, 2017 – 2023) User Experience Researcher, Meta

Linda Nguyen

(Postdoctoral Research Scholar, 2021-2023) Assistant Professor, Seattle University

Mona El-Hout

(Postdoctoral Research Scholar, 2020-2022)  Reliability User Researcher, Apple

Oliver Yan

(Lab Manager, 2021-2022) Graduate Student, New York University

Natasha Lavides

(Honors Student, 2021-2022) Undergraduate Academic Advisor, University of Washington

Alexandra Garr-Schultz

(Postdoctoral Research Scholar, 2020-2021) Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut

Adriana Germano

(Graduate Student, 2015 – 2021) Assistant Professor, Yale University

Laura Banham

(Lab Manager, 2018 – 2021) Data Analytics and Visualization Intern, MedTrans Go

Linda Zou 

(Graduate Student, 2013 – 2019) Assistant Professor, University of Maryland

Austin Kim 

(Lab Manager, 2019) Project Management Consultant, Turner & Townsend

Kengthsagn Louis 

(Lab Manager, 2017 – 2018) Assistant Professor, Boston College

Helena Rabasco

(Lab Manager, 2016 – 2017) Lead Analyst, GLG

Allison Master

(Postdoctoral Research Scholar, 2011-2016) Assistant Professor, University of Houston

Lily Jiang

(Lab Manager, 2013-2016) Clinical PhD student, Indiana University

Marissa Vichayapai

(Lab Manager and Staff, 2008 – 2015) Consultant, Freelance

Teri Kirby

(Graduate Student, 2012 – 2014) Assistant Professor, Purdue University

Sianna Ziegler

(Graduate Student, 2013 – 2014) Director, EMC Research

Jennifer Wang

(Graduate Student, 2007 – 2012) User Experience Researcher, Cultural Consultant, Microsoft

J. Oliver Siy

(Graduate Student, 2008 – 2013) User Experience Researcher, Google

Ben Drury

(Graduate Student, 2007 – 2013) User Experience Researcher, Google

Joshua Tabak

(Graduate Student, 2009 – 2012) User Experience Researcher, Youtube

Amanda Montoya

(Lab Manager, Honors Student, 2012 – 2014) Associate Professor, UCLA

Caitlin Handron

(Lab Manager, Research Assistant, 2010 – 2013) Senior Lab Consultant and Behavioral Scientist, Ropes & Gray LLP

Saenam Kim

(Statistician, Research Assistant, 2008 – 2010) Summer Associate, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP

Sarah Grover

(Independent Researcher, 2011 – 2012) Design Researcher, Microsoft

Wenwen Ni

(Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2013 – 2013) Graduate Student, University of California

Pete Ondish

(Volunteer Research Assistant, 2012 – 2013) Graduate Student, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigne

David Bourgin

(Volunteer Research Assistant, 2011 – 2012) Graduate Student, University of California at Berkeley

Emmerline Wu

(Research Assistant, 2011 – 2012) Graduate Student, University of Washington

Wen Liu

(Research Assistant, 2008 – 2010) Graduate Student, City University of New York

Lauren M. Hudson

(Honors Student, 2010) Intellectual Property Attorney

Daniel Castro

(Research Assistant, 2009) Assistant Professor of Radiology, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

John Rohrbach

(Research Assistant, 2009) Founder, R-Squared

Joshua Mark Newson

(Honors Student, 2009) MD, Emergency Medicine