In addition to research, our lab is also very involved in disseminating our findings. Below is a collection of related, helpful resources inspired by our various research projects. Many of the links are related to our work regarding CS stereotypes and our Debunking Stereotypes Workshop. For more information about our workshop or for general questions, please contact us.

Reference audit: A technique for diversifying your references

SIBL’s “do-it-yourself” method for approximating the racial/ethnic demographics of cited authors. This tool is meant to increase awareness of your own citation behaviors and give you the opportunity to actively diversify your citations. For more information on this topic and our tool, please watch our talk from the Disrupting Racism and Eurocentrism in Research Methods and Practices SPSP 2022 Virtual Workshop.

Decoded: the truth about computer science

SIBL's own blog, completely dedicated to our work in computer science stereotypes. Find out what SIBL is discussing and give us your feedback.

NCWIT Women and Technology Promising Practices sheet

A National Center for Women & IT brochure featuring SIBL research investigating environmental cues and their effects on women's participation in computer science.

SIBL's Debunking Stereotypes Brochure

Take away brochure given out at SIBL's Debunking Stereotypes workshop. Outlines helpful tips teachers and administrators can use to break the current stereotypes out there about computer science.
Take away brochure given out at SIBL's Debunking Stereotypes workshop. The student oriented brochure aims to break current stereotypes about Computer Science by revealing truths about the field. The brochure covers stereotypes about computer science environments, what the work is like and real computer scientists.

Why Choose CSE?

The University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering Department's recruiting site. Discover all the amazing opportunities and resources available to you as Computer Science major at the UW!

Anita Borg Institute

The Anita Borg Institute seeks to increase women's participation in all aspects of technology through programs designed to both bring non-technical women into the design process and to encourage more women to consider careers in technology-related fields.

National Center for Women & Information Technology

In an effort to increase gender diversity, NCWIT is a coalition of groups and agencies providing encouragement and support for the involvement of women and young girls in computing. Their website also offers great resources including reports, statistics, talking points and printable handout.


Free educational software targeted towards middle school to college-aged girls. Teaches students introductory programming skills using a fun and friendly 3D environment where you can create animations or interactive games to tell a story.