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Dungeons & Dragons - Online

Curious about what the campaigns look like for Dungeons & Huskies? You can watch us streaming it live on Twitch (Thursdays at 7 PM PST – 10 PM PST) or on our YouTube!

SVL D&D (Sudnal) – Season 1 – Campaign A – Playlist

SVL D&D (Sudnal) – Season 1 – Campaign B – Playlist

SVL D&D (Saving Christmas) – Wednesday Campaign – Playlist

SVL D&D (Saving Christmas) – Thursday Campaign – Playlist

SVL D&D Sudnal – Season 2 – Playlist

SVL D&D Sudnal Time Warp – Season 1.5 – Playlist

CURRENT CAMPAIGN – Summer 2021 – Sudnal Season 3 – Playlist

SVL Vets Play!

We are always expanding our streaming capabilities, and will continue to bring you fund content of old, new, and upcoming games! You can always catch one of us live on Twitch or watch episodes on our YouTube!

The Last of Us: Part II (Crono)

Dark Souls: Remastered (Crono)

Grandia II: HD (Crono)

Fable: Anniversary Edition (Crono)

Chrono Trigger (Crono)

Chrono Cross (Crono)

Nier Replicant (Crono)