• 31 • Doctoral Degrees Frank R. Edwards, Sociology. Dissertation: Institutional Determinants of Child Protection Systems in the United States. (Prof. Hedwig E. Lee) Indra Dineh Ekmanis, International Studies. Dissertation: Host Land or Homeland?: Civic-Cultural Identity and Banal Integration in Latvia. (Prof. Scott B. Radnitz) Jordan C. Eschler, Information Science. Dissertation: Designing for the Dynamic Needs of Young Adult Cancer Survivors. (Prof. Wanda Pratt) Sarah Amber Evans, Education: Learning Sciences. Dissertation: Sparking and Sustaining Adolescent Learning: Embodied Values, Contextualized Literacies, and Developing Identities at the Public Library. (Prof. Deborah Elaine Mccutchen) Sarah K. Faegre, Psychology. Dissertation: Behavioral Ecology of the Mariana Crow: Foraging, Movements, Habitat Selection, and Survival. (Prof. Renee L. Ha) Cifeng Fang, Mechanical Eng And Nanotech & Mol Eng. Dissertation: Development of a Novel Bio-MEMS System for Microscale Manipulation and the Determination of Cell Cryibiological Properties. (Prof. Dayong Gao) Susan B. Finque, Theater History And Criticism. Dissertation: The Callao Contract of 1599: Evidence Requiring a Transformative Re- Stor(y)ation of Genealogy for Theatre History in the Americas. (Prof. Scott Magelssen) Sarah Fishleder, Health Services. Dissertation: Development and Evaluation of Community- Clinical Linkages Between Physical Therapy Clinics and EnhanceFitness, an Evidence- Based Physical Activity Program for Older Adults. (Profs. Jeffrey R. Harris & Miruna Petrescu-Pra) Heather Fowler, Env Hlth: Envir & Occupational Hygiene. Dissertation: Assessing Safety Practices in Small Animal Veterinary Clinics. (Prof. Peter Rabinowitz) Emily Kalah Gade, Political Science. Dissertation: Connection and Resistance: Civilian Experiences of Violence in Conflict Zones and Their Impact on Civilians’ Preference for Violent and Nonviolent Resistance. (Prof. Elizabeth L. Kier) Kapil D. Gangwar, Mechanical Engineering. Dissertation: Metallurgical and Mechanical Characterization of High Temperature Titanium Alloys Joined by Friction Stir Welding. (Prof. Ramulu Mamidala) Carolyn E. Garrison-Laney, Earth And Space Sciences. Dissertation: Cascadia Subduction Zone Tsunamis and Interseismic Deformation in the Salish Sea. (Profs. Brian F. Atwater & Elizabeth A. Nesbit) Akshay A. Ghalsasi, Physics. Dissertation: Addressing Beyond Standard Model Physics Using Cosmology. (Prof. Ann E. Nelson) Erin C. Giffin, Art History. Dissertation: Body and Apparition: Material Presence in Sixteenth- Century Italian Religious Sculpture. (Prof. Stuart P. Lingo) Alexey Gilman, Chemical Engineering. Dissertation: Developing the Methanotrophic Bacterium Methylomicrobium Buryatense into an Industrial Biocatalyst. (Profs. Mary E. Lidstrom & David Beck) Joshua J. Goings, Chemistry. Dissertation: Breaking Symmetry in Time-Dependent Electronic Structure Theory to Describe Spectroscopic Properties of Noncollinear and Chiral Molecules. (Prof. Xiaosong Li) Christopher George Green, Statistics. Dissertation: Applications of Robust Statistical Methods in Quantitative Finance. (Prof. R. Douglas Martin) Christopher George Green, Statistics. Dissertation: Applications of Robust Statistical Methods in Quantitative Finance. (Prof. R. Douglas Martin) Jared A. Grummer, Biology. Dissertation: Species Limits and Phylogeography of the Patagonian Liolaemus Fitzingerii Species Group. (Prof. Adam D. Leache) Yizhong Gu, Comparative Literature. Dissertation: The Myth of Voluntary Death: The Representation of Sacrifice and Martyrdom in the Maoist Films (1949-1976). (Prof. Yomi Braester) Shivani K. Gupta, Bioengineering. Dissertation: Development of Activatable Recognition Proteins Using the Bacterial Adhesin FimH. (Prof. Wendy Thomas) Mohammad H. Haghighipanah, Electrical Engineering. Dissertation: Estimation of Position and External Force of a Cable Driven Surgical Robot. (Prof. Blake Hannaford) Elisa T. Harrison, Chemical Engineering. Dissertation: Combining Surface Analytical and Computational Techniques to Investigate Orientation Effects of Immobilized Proteins. (Prof. David G. Castner) Lacey Ann Hartigan, Education: Educ Leadershp & Policy St. Dissertation: General Education Development (GED) Recipients’ Life Course Experiences: Humanizing the Findings. (Prof. Meredith I. Honig) Michael John Hay, Earth And Space Sciences. Dissertation: “Stability and Uncertainty of Ice-Sheet Crystal Fabrics”. (Prof. Edwin D. Waddington) Ji He, Electrical Engineering. Dissertation: Deep Reinforcement Learning in Natural Language Scenarios. (Prof. Mari Ostendorf) Tiffany R. Hensley-Mcbain, Molecular & Cellular Biology. Dissertation: Mechanisms of Mucosal Dysfunction in HIV Infection and Potential Therapeutic Strategies. (Prof. Nichole Klatt)
Alexis Hiniker, Human Centered Design And Engineering. Dissertation: Supporting Intentional Media Use in Families. (Prof. Julie A. Kientz) Rebecca A. Hoberg, Mathematics. Dissertation: Bin Packing, Number Balancing, and Rescaling Linear Programs. (Prof. Thomas Rothvoss) Dun-Yu Hsiao, Electrical Engineering. Dissertation: Behavior Changing Gestural Interface Design Via Machine and Human Mutual Adaptation. (Profs. Zoran Popovic & Joshua R. Smith) Danying Hu, Electrical Engineering. Dissertation: Semi-Automation in Image-Guided Robotic Brain Surgery. (Prof. Blake Hannaford) Kevin Huang, Electrical Engineering. Dissertation: Evaluation of Haptic Virtual Fixtures With Real- Time Sensors. (Prof. Howard Jay Chizeck) Kimberly M. Ikuta, Business Administration. Dissertation: Reducing Underreporting by Aggregating Reported Time. (Prof. Frank D. Hodge) Carolina S. Johnson, Political Science. Dissertation: Engaging Democracy: An Institutional Theory of Participatory Budgeting. (Prof. Margaret Levi) Keith Charles Johnson, Mechanical Engineering. Dissertation: The Investigation of the FimH- Tipped Fimbria Complex from E. Coli Using a Multiplexed Magnetic Tweezer. (Prof. Wendy Thomas) Kevin T. Kadooka, Mechanical Engineering. Dissertation: Modeling, Processing, and Characterization of Dielectric Elastomer Actuators and Sensors. (Prof. Minoru Taya) Ji Young Kang, Social Welfare. Dissertation: Social Policy Contexts, Family Economic Well-Being and Gender Equality from a Comparative Perspective. (Prof. Marcia Meyers) Fatine Bahar Karlidag, Theater History And Criticism. Dissertation: Workers’ Theatre Movement Conventions as Shaping/informing Conditions in the Theatrical Collaboration of Joan Littlewood and Ewan MacColl and Beyond: In Littlewood’s Success. (Prof. Stefka G. Mihaylova) Sivakanthan Kasinathan, Molecular & Cellular Biology. Dissertation: Characterization and Analysis of Repetitive Centromeres. (Prof. Steven Henikoff) Logan Kendall, Biomedical And Health Informatics. Dissertation: Understanding Patient and Caregiver Work to Support Health Care System Safety and Reliability. (Prof. Wanda Pratt) Naseeba Khouja, Oral Biology. Dissertation: In Search of an Improved Methodology for Measuring Dental Implant Stability: Combining Experimental Model Analysis (EMA) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to Achieve Maximum Reliability. (Prof. Daniel C. N. Chan) Jasmin Krakenberg, Germanics. Dissertation: Visual Arts and the Berlin School of Filmmaking. (Prof. Eric C. Ames) Vijay Krishnamoorthy, Epidemiology. Dissertation: Incidence, Longitudinal Trajectory, and Hemodynamic Implications of Cardiac Dysfunction Following Traumatic Brain Injury. (Prof. Ali Rowhani-Rahbar) Byung Seok Kwon, Materials Sci & Engr & Nanotechnology. Dissertation: Multilayered Magnetic Nanoparticles Via Nanoimprint Lithography for Magnetomechanical Treatment of Cancer. (Prof. Kannan Krishnan) Benjamin J. Lansdell, Applied Mathematics. Dissertation: On Neural Encoding: Its Estimation, Application, and Development. (Prof. Adrienne L. Fairhall) Karl E. Lapo, Atmospheric Sciences. Dissertation: Constraining the Surface Energy Balance of Snow in Complex Terrain. (Prof. Jessica D. Lundquist) Kenneth J. Laszlo, Chemistry. Dissertation: Investigating the Relationship Between the Gas-Phase Structures of Protein Ions and Their Charge States. (Prof. Matthew Francis Bush) Po-Shen Lee, Electrical Engineering. Dissertation: VizioMetrics: Mining the Scientific Visual Literature. (Prof. Linda G. Shapiro) Seunghan Lee, Economics. Dissertation: Essays on Stock Price and Equity Premium. (Prof. Chang Jin Kim) Benjamin K. Leipzig, Chemistry. Dissertation: Electronic Activation and Tuning of Redox- Active Ligand Orbitals. (Prof. Julia A. Kovacs) Adam Robert Lerner, Computer Science & Engineering. Dissertation: Measuring and Improving Security and Privacy on the Web: Case Studies With QR Codes, Third-Party Tracking, and Archives. (Profs. Tadayoshi Kohno & Franziska Roesner) Patrick Lestrange, Chemistry. Dissertation: Modeling Core Excitations and Preserving Spin Symmetry in Molecular Systems. (Prof. Xiaosong Li) Junchao Li, Business Administration. Dissertation: When Are They More Likely to Listen? an Investigation on Managerial Response to Voice. (Prof. Thomas W. Lee) Ying Lin, Industrial Engineering. Dissertation: Large-Scale Personalized Health Surveillance by Collaborative Learning and Selective Sensing. (Profs. Shuai Huang & Shan Liu) Yu-Ru Lin, Biochemistry. Dissertation: Insight from Designing Ideal Aß Monomers and Homo-Oligomers. (Prof. David Baker) Christopher Lin, Computer Science & Engineering. Dissertation: The Intelligent Management of the Crowd-Powered Machine Learning Pipeline. (Profs. Daniel Sabey Weld &. Mausam) David Lingerfelt, Chemistry. Dissertation: Excited State Chemical Dynamics: Beyond the Born-Oppenheimer Approximation. (Prof. Xiaosong Li) Jin Liu, Bioengineering. Dissertation: Carotid Intraplaque Hemorrhage Detection and Quantification Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging. (Prof. Chun Yuan) Minhui Liu, Nursing: Statistics. Dissertation: Influences of Pain, Insomnia and Depression on Health Care Use in Older Adults With Osteoarthritis. (Prof. Basia Belza) Haining Liu, Bioengineering. Dissertation: Cardiovascular Phase Sensitive MRI Imaging. (Prof. Chun Yuan) Leander D. Love-Anderegg, Biology. Dissertation: On the Variation of Traits and Tree Range Constraints. (Prof. Janneke Hille Ris Lambers) Yian Ma, Applied Mathematics. Dissertation: Irreversibility in Stochastic Dynamic Models and Efficient Bayesian Inference. (Prof. Hong Qian) John L. Marino, Jr., Information Science. Dissertation: The Nature and Impact of Task Definition: Information Problem Categorization During Task Definition Within the Information Problem-Solving Process. (Prof. Michael. Eisenberg) Joseph Marino, Asian Languages & Literature. Dissertation: Metaphor and Pedagogy in Early Buddhist Literature: An Edition and Study of Two Sutras from the Senior Collection of Gandhari Manuscripts. (Prof. Richard G. Salomon) Sarah G. Marsh, Theater History And Criticism. Dissertation: Never Mere Observation: Performance, Technology, and the Act of Looking. (Prof. Scott Magelssen) Eric L. Martin, Physics. Dissertation: Electron Detection Systems for the KATRIN Spectrometer and Detector Section. (Prof. R. G. Hamish Robertson) Jay R. Martini, Education: School Psychology. Dissertation: The Reliability and Validity of a Phonological Awareness Progress-Monitoring Tool and Preschoolers With ASD. (Prof. James J. Mazza) Gabriel W. Mast, Education: Educ Leadershp & Policy St. Dissertation: Institutional Effects on Community College Completion Rates: An Analysis of Washington State’s Community and Technical College System. (Prof. Elizabeth Sanders) Janet Bickford Matsen, Chemical Engr: Advanced Data Science. Dissertation: Genomics, Transcriptomics, and Statistical/ Machine Learning to Enhance Understanding of Methanotrophic Microbial Metabolism in Isolates and Communities. (Profs. Mary E. Lidstrom & David Beck) Jennifer R. McClearen, Communication. Dissertation: Converging Media and Divergent Bodies: Articulations of Powerful Women in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. (Prof. Ralina L. Joseph) Megan C. McGinty, Education: Learning Sci & Human Dev. Dissertation: Teaching for Deep Ecological Understanding: Moving Outside, Across Time, and Through Borders. (Prof. Megan Bang) James Michael McQueen, Statistics. Dissertation: Scalable Manifold Learning and Related Topics. (Prof. Marina Meila- Predoviciu) De Meng, Electrical Engineering. Dissertation: Graph Design Via Convex Optimization: Online and Distributed Perspectives. (Prof. Maryam Fazel Sarjoui) Ezgi Mercan, Computer Science & Engineering. Dissertation: Digital Pathology: Diagnostic Errors, Viewing Behavior and Image Characteristics. (Prof. Linda G. Shapiro)