• 33 • Doctoral Degrees Charles D Waters, Aquatic And Fishery Sciences. Dissertation: Effectiveness of Managed Gene Flow to Reduce Genetic and Phenotypic Change Associated With Captive Breeding of Chinook Salmon. (Prof. Kerry- Ann Naish) Jason M Webster, Psychology. Dissertation: Functional Organization of the Ventral Temporal Cortex. (Prof. Ione Fine) Dustin Ray Welch Garcia, International Studies. Dissertation: The Paradoxes of Peruvian Infrastructure: NGO Governance, Rural Energy Transitions, and Public-Private Partnerships. (Profs. Sunila S. Kale & Maria E. Garcia) John P Weller, Physiology & Biophysics. Dissertation: Quantitative Modeling of Cone Signal Combination in Macaque Primary Visual Cortex. (Prof. Gregory Horwitz) Thad B Williams, Education: Curriculum & Instruction. Dissertation: Teaching to Learn: Developing English Learner (EL) Instructional Practice in a Shifting EL Policy Context. (Prof. Heather Hebard) David Williams-Young, Chemistry. Dissertation: Towards Efficient and Scalable Electronic Structure Methods for the Treatment of Relativistic Effects and Molecular Response. (Prof. Xiaosong Li) Samuel C Woolley, Communication. Dissertation: Manufacturing Consensus: Computational Propaganda and the 2016 U.S. Election. (Prof. Philip Edward Howard) Yuyin Xi, Chemical Engineering. Dissertation: Structure Engineering of Self- and Directed- Assembled Conjugated Polymers. (Prof. Lilo Pozzo) Bolun Xu, Electrical Engineering. Dissertation: Batteries in Electricity Markets: Economic Planning and Operation. (Profs. Daniel Sadi Kirschen & Baosen Zhang) Carol Ke Xu, Psychology. Dissertation: Social Network Analysis of College and Professional Basketball. (Prof. Renee L. Ha) Takuo Yamaki, Biology. Dissertation: Beyond DNA Compaction: An Emerging View of the Diverse Functions of Drosophila Sperm Nuclear Basic Proteins. (Prof. Barbara T. Wakimoto) Brianna Lynn Yamasaki, Psychology. Dissertation: Individual Differences in Second- Language Reading Skill: Understanding the Role of Cross-Linguistic Interactions. (Prof. Chantel Prat) Yi Hsun Yang, Materials Sci & Engr & Nanotechnology. Dissertation: Thermionic Emission and Energy Distribution of Precursor-Derived Silicon Carbide Based Materials for Direct Power Extraction Applications. (Prof. Fumio Ohuchi) Xiaofeng Ye, Applied Mathematics. Dissertation: Stochastic Dynamics: Markov Chains and Random Transformations. (Prof. Hong Qian) Somin Yeon, Education: Curriculum & Instruction. Dissertation: A Qualitative Study on Teaching and Learning in English-Mediated Courses at a University in South Korea. (Prof. James A. Banks) Xuhang Ying, Electrical Engineering. Dissertation: Incentivized Crowdsensing, Resource Allocation and Enforcement in Shared Spectrum. (Profs. Sumit Roy & Raadhakrishnan Poovendran) Chak Lam Colum Yip, Linguistics. Dissertation: Evidence for DP in Chinese from Reduplicative Classifiers and DP-Internal Information Structural Phenomena. (Prof. Edith Aldridge) Qiao Zhang, Computer Science & Engineering. Dissertation: Failure Diagnosis for Datacenter Applications. (Profs. Thomas Anderson & Arvind Krishnamurthy) Zihui Zhao, Mathematics. Dissertation: TBD. (Prof. Tatiana Toro) Kathryn Cook Zyskowski, Anthropology. Dissertation: Certifying India: Everyday Aspiration and Basic Computer Training in Hyderabad. (Prof. Sareeta Bipin Amrute) DOCTOR OF PHYSICAL THERAPY Anna Maria Ataei. (Prof. Kevin McQuade) Joseph M Bochsler. (Prof. Kevin McQuade) Richard Bonilla. (Prof. Sujata Pradhan)
Heather Lynn Bridgham. (Prof. Sarah McCoy) Bryan R Ching. (Prof. Ellen McGough) Timothy William Clendaniel. (Prof. Kevin McQuade) Alison Hana Coombs. (Prof. Sarah McCoy) Tyler Anthony Cox. (Prof. Murray Maitland) Courtney J Craft. (Prof. Sujata Pradhan) George P Cummings. (Prof. Sujata Pradhan) Lauren Michelle Deiparine. (Prof. Chet Moritz) Jared C Glick. (Prof. Sujata Pradhan) Sarah Renee Hager. (Prof. Murray Maitland) Anne Hewlett Molsberry. (Prof. Kevin McQuade) Vivian Yu-En Hsiao. (Prof. Valerie Kelly) Judith Ann Kelly. (Prof. Ellen McGough) Bayley Brynne Laketa. (Prof. Ellen McGough) Claire Alison Leamy. (Prof. Deborah Kartin) Katie Christine Levinger. (Prof. Chet Moritz) Brooke Mackenzie Lindsley. (Prof. Valerie Kelly) Corinna C Lowe. (Prof. Ellen McGough) Matthew J Mast. (Prof. Ellen McGough) James C Matson. (Prof. Sarah McCoy) Cameron M McMillan. (Prof. Chet Moritz) Heidi Mae McNeill. (Prof. Sujata Pradhan) Paul M Miller. (Prof. Ellen McGough) Samantha Regala Monteagudo. (Prof. Sarah McCoy) Elizabeth Christine Murray. (Prof. Murray Maitland) Mackenzie Z Nix. (Prof. Kevin McQuade) Evan Charles O’Hara. (Prof. Deborah Kartin) Sheila Mehri Oberhardt. (Prof. Sujata Pradhan) Justin R Parks. (Prof. Sujata Pradhan) Evan Hurst Perry. (Prof. Ellen McGough) Trevor J Polson. (Prof. Murray Maitland) Lacey Dawn Schauberger. (Prof. Deborah Kartin) Jessinah Simas. (Prof. Valerie Kelly) Alisa F Stang. (Prof. Valerie Kelly) Nathan M Stern. (Prof. Sarah McCoy) Katherine Autumn Tougas. (Prof. Sarah McCoy) Ami Tsuchiya. (Prof. Murray Maitland) Sean Patrick Tyler. (Prof. Murray Maitland) Gloria M Wahlroos. (Prof. Deborah Kartin) Wenbin Wang. (Prof. Sujata Pradhan) Laura S Wessbecher. (Prof. Valerie Kelly)