International Infrastructure Awards

An award to Dr. Jennifer Unger was used to install solar panels along the roof to provide reliable power at the Ahero Study Clinic in Kenya.

Webcast about HIV Cure research

Hear from Timothy Brown "The Berlin Patient" and FHCRC researchers about HIV cure research efforts.

Webcast of HIV Cure community event

Hear from Timothy Brown "The Berlin Patient" - the first person cured of HIV, and  FHCRC researchers working on a cure for all.

Join a new CFAR Scientific Working Group!

CFAR has three new Scientific Working Groups dedicated to collaborative research.  Click below to discover more...

Community Action Board

Our CAB encourages collaborations between researchers and community members and organizations to enrich HIV prevention, treatment, and education...

Funding: CFAR Administrative Supplements

CFAR members can apply for supplemental funding for research in certain areas.


Welcome to the University of Washington / Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Center for AIDS Research (CFAR). Our mission is to foster collaborative and interdisciplinary research, support HIV research career development of young investigators, and serve HIV investigators at our affiliated institutions. Read more