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Clinical and Comorbidity Research Core

The Clinical and Comorbidity Research Core helps researchers access and interpret the comprehensive database of the UW HIV Cohort Study.

The UW HIV Cohort is an ongoing observational study of HIV-infected patients who have received primary care in the UW Madison HIV Clinic and the UW Virology Clinic from January 1, 1995 to the present. Using a database (UW HIV Information System) integrating clinical data and banked specimens, the Core supports researchers requiring longitudinal HIV/AIDS patient information and expertise in clinical epidemiology and health services research.

The database can be used to identify patients for enrollment into interventional studies; for retrospective and prospective observational studies; and for basic and translational research. Cohort Study data can also help investigators assess study feasibility, prepare grant proposals, and conduct clinical research. Data commonly requested include laboratory results, diagnoses, medications, genotypic resistance, demographic characteristics, eligibility for prospective trials, and availability of linked specimens.

Translational Research Subcore

The Translational Research Subcore (TRS) supports clinical and socio-behavioral researchers with a multitude of study-beneficial services.

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Clinical Epidemiology and Health Services Research Methods Consultation
The CE&HSR Core provides consultation services for researchers performing clinical epidemiology or health services research among persons with HIV. We recommend contacting us if you are planning on using data from the University of Washington HIV Information System. To request a consultation, please email
Data Request from the UW HIV Information System
The UW HIV Information System (UWHIS) contains clinical information on HIV patients seen since January 1, 1995 at the Harborview Medical Center’s Madison Clinic and University of Washington Medical Center’s Virology Clinic.

At this time we can process requests for information on laboratory results, diagnoses, medications, and demographic characteristics of patients who are enrolled in the Madison and Virology Clinic Registry. To request information on patients in the UWHIS, please complete the request form. Your request will be forwarded to the Core Coordinator, Stephen Van Rompaey. Be advised that changes in your request will require that the UWHIS Administrator submit a new query to the UWHIS and this may increase the processing time of your request.

UWHIS Data, Specimens, and Referral Services Form

The Clinical and Comorbidity Research Core is involved in a variety of national and international HIV research collaborations.

Mari Kitahata, MD, MPH

Heidi Crane, MD, MPH

Alex Greninger, MD, PhD, MS, MPhil
TRS Co-Director

Nina Kim, MD, MSc
TRS Co-Director

Core Committee

Mari Kitahata, MD, MPH, Professor of Med., Div. Allergy & Infectious Diseases

Heidi Crane, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Med., Div. Allergy & Infectious Diseases, Head Metabolic Clinic

Bill Lober, MD, MSc, Professor, Biomedical & Health Informatics, Global Health, Nursing, Med, & Public Health

H. Nina Kim, MD, MSc, Associate Professor of Med., Div. Allergy & Infectious Diseases

Jane Simoni, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Global Health

Kristina Crothers MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Med., Div. of Pulmonary & Critical Care

Wayne McCormick MD, MPH, Professor of Med., Section Chief, Div. of Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine

Mari Kitahata