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CFAR Cores and Scientific Working Groups provide biostatistical, laboratory, study design, and other services that are quality-controlled, cost-effective and convenient. These services are supported by the CFAR, freeing investigators of the need to set up and pay for these services themselves. Contact with any questions about finding a service.


The Administrative Core supports collaborative, multidisciplinary, translational HIV/AIDS research and training at our consortium institutions.

Key Services:
  • Planning
  • Operations
  • Oversight

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Behavioral Innovations

The Behavioral Innovations Core (BIC) is the intersection of behavioral science and digital health, and provides support, knowledge, and skills in diverse contexts to further HIV prevention and care research while addressing health equity, access, ethics and policy.

Key Services:
  • Behavioral Science Research Consultation
  • Qualitative Research Methods Workshops

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Biomarkers, Prevention and Interventions for HIV-associated malignancies and NCDs (BPIN)

The BPIN Core provides assays and data instruments to enable studies of HIV-associated malignancies.

Key Services:
  • HIVAM Research Consultation
  • HIVAM Laboratory and Biorepositories (HCRI-Uganda)
  • Human Papillomavirus Genotyping (HCRI-Uganda)

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Clinical and Comorbidity Research

The Clinical and Comorbidity Research Core helps researchers access and interpret the comprehensive database of the UW HIV Cohort Study.

Key Services:

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Data Sciences and Methods

The Data Sciences and Methods Core provides a central resource of biostatistical expertise to improve the conception, design, and analysis of HIV/AIDS studies.

Key Services:
  • Biostatistics/Biomathematics Consultation
  • Data Management and Statistical/Mathematical Analysis Training
  • Viral Dynamics Mathematical Modeling Training

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The Developmental Core supports career development and fosters multidisciplinary collaborations with an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Key Services:
  • Annual STD and AIDS Research Symposium
  • Annual Mentoring the Mentors Workshop
  • Developmental Core Mentoring Clinic

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Immunology, Retrovirology and Cure

The Immunology Retrovirology and Cure Core provides advanced tools and training for evaluating humoral and cellular responses to HIV infection.

Key Services:
  • Cellular Immunity and Flow Cytometry
  • Humoral Immunity
  • Mucosal Immunity and Non-Human Primate Immunology
  • Quantitative RNAseq and High Content Data Analysis

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Implementation Science

The Implementation Science Core provides resources to develop implementation science expertise within the CFAR community.

Key Services:
  • Health Economics Impact Study Team
  • Implementation Science Research Consultation
  • Mathematical Modeling Training

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