HIV Specimen Repository

The HIV Specimen Repository is a collection of frozen plasma and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) specimens donated by HIV infected patients cared for at the University of Washington HIV clinics (the Madison and Roosevelt Virology Clinics).

Participating patients are asked to donate 30 mL of blood one to three times each year. Blood is separated into plasma and PBMC fractions and frozen in aliquots of 1.5 mL (plasma) or 5 million cells (PBMC) and stored at the Harborview Retrovirology Laboratory.

Coded clinical data extracted from the patients' electronic medical record is linked to these repository specimens, enabling translational studies on the virologic, immunologic, genetic and demographic determinants of HIV disease and associated comorbidities.

In addition, a repository of more than 120,000, primarily blood-derived specimens are available from the Seattle Primary Infection Cohort (PIC). The PIC repository has specimens from individuals enrolled into longitudinal study while in primary or early HIV infection.

Subject-Imposed Restrictions on the Repository

Subjects can consent to participate in the Repository at a variety of levels, can withdraw their consent at any time and can request that their specimens be destroyed. Restrictions that patients may place on the use of their specimens are:

  1. No restrictions (Y/N)
  2. Use in genetic studies that may discover previously undiagnosed or unrecognized conditions or susceptibilities to conditions (Y/N)
  3. Use in studies conducted by investigators affiliated with the CFAR Network of Integrated Clinical Systems (CNICS study) (Y/N)
  4. Inform me of previously undiagnosed or unrecognized conditions or susceptibilities to conditions or family relationships (Y/N)
  5. Inform my primary care provider of these conditions (Y/N)

Repository Subjects Profile and Specimen Collection

Any patient who is cared for at the University of Washington HIV Clinics and is enrolled in University of Washington Patient Registry may join the Repository. We are particularly interested in recruiting subjects with the following clinical characteristics:

  1. Newly HIV-infected patients, defined as individuals who have become HIV-infected within 1 year of enrollment.
  2. HIV-infected patients who are antiretroviral-naïve.

If you are interested in using specimens in the Repository, please fill out a Request for UW HIV Information System (UWHIS) Data, Specimens and Referral Services form. If you have any question regarding the request process call the repository manager, Abby Howell, at 206-744-4630 or email at: Your request will be reviewed by the HIV Specimen Repository Steering Committee. If your request is approved, we will make the appropriate arrangements to have the specimens and clinical data sent to you.

If you are interested in specimens from patients with acute HIV infection, specimens can be accessed from Seattle Primary Infection Clinic Repository available through the Retrovirology and Molecular Data Science Core. 

Download Repository Fee Calculator (Prices valid through June 31, 2019)

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