Implementation Science


The aim of the IS SWG is to improve the speed, efficiency and quality of translation of scientific evidence on HIV & STI prevention and care into effective, large scale health programs. The IS SWG will leverage local and international multidisciplinary expertise to develop innovative models for implementing and scaling-up efficacious HIV and STI interventions, and apply rigorous methods to study develop a base of evidence to guide scale-up.


Specific activities include:

  • Bi-monthly IS meetings to develop novel research methods for IS, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and coordinate responses to funding opportunities
  • Annual IS symposia
  • Fostering collaboration among UW/Fred Hutch CFAR cores and extra-CFAR institutions
  • IS education, training, and mentoring internationally and at the UW

Kenneth Gimbel-Sherr PhD, MPH; Scientific Working Group Co-Director; Associate Professor of Global Health, UW

Stephen Gloyd, MD, MPH; Scientific Working Group Co-Director; Professor of Global Health, UW

Judith Wasserheit, MD, MPH; Scientific Working Group Co-Director; Department Chair and Professor of Global Health, UW

Brad Wagenaar, MPH, PhD; Scientific Working Group Technical Advisor, Acting Instructor, Department of Global Health, UW



 Ayo Ajayi (PATH), Joseph Babigumira (UW), Jared Baeten (UW), Ruanne Barnabas (UW/ITHS), Scott Barnhart (UW/ITECH), Peter Cherutich (Kenya Ministry of Health), Michael Chung (UW), James Cowan (UW), Ann Downer UW/ITECH), Ann Duerr (UW/Fred Hutch), Carey Farquhar (UW), Lisa Frenkel (UW), Emmanuela Gakidou (UW/IHME), Patty Garcia (UW, UPCH), Archis Ghate (UW), Sarah Gimbel (UW), Matthew Golden (UW/PHSKC), Brandon Guthrie (UW), Renee Heffron (UW), King Holmes (UW), Jim Hughes (UW), Grace John-Stewart (UW), James Kiarie (UoN), Pamela Kohler (UW), John Kinuthia (UoN), Ahoua Kone (UW), Sylvia LaCourse (UW), Scott McClelland (UW), Nelly Mugo (University of Nairobi), Ruth Nduati (University of Nairobi), Thomas Odeny (KEMRI), Gabrielle O'Malley (UW), James Pfeiffer (UW/HAI), Deepa Rao (UW), Kristina Rudd (UW), Alison Rustagi (UW), Brad Wagenaar (UW), Anjuli Wagner (UW), Judd Walson (UW), Joe Zunt (UW)


Brad Wagenaar, MPH, PhD (IS technical advisor)
bwagen at
(206) 543-8382(206) 543-8382

Kenneth Sherr, PhD, MPH (director)
ksherr at