Leadership Without Borders

Undocu Ally Directory

At the University of Washington we are committed to working with and for undocumented students. This is why at the LWB Office we work to connect undocumented students with allies across campus who can provide them with additional support and resources.

We know how important it is for undocumented students to know there are faculty and staff who are knowledgeable on undocumented student issues and who are ready and willing to support them. At the University of Washington, undocumented students can expect to find allies across our campus who can support and help them access a variety of resources and information.

Connecting with Allies

LWB works to provide training to staff and faculty who are interested in becoming allies to undocumented students and enhancing their working knowledge on  how to best serve undocumented student populations. We invite you to explore how you can connect with allies at the University of Washington.

  • Visit the LWB Office: Contact us at undocu@uw.edu or visit us on the third floor of the Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center located on 3931 Brooklyn Avenue NE Seattle, Washington 98105.
  • Attend Purple Group Meetings: Faculty and staff who are allies to undocumented students are welcome to present or attend Purple Group meetings.
  • Sign up to participate in an Undocu Ally Training: You can work with LWB Staff to attend or present at a LWB Undocu Ally training. This is not only a good leadership opportunity, but a great way to connect with allies from across campus. Contact us at undocu@uw.edu for more information.

Ally Directory List:

First Name Last Name Title Department(s) Email    
Aaron Robertson Academic Advisor Foster School of Business aaronr4@uw.edu
Abbie Altamirano Student Support Coordinator Deam Project abbiealt@uw.edu
Adam Shinn Associate Director Business abshinn@uw.edu
Adiam Tesfay Interim Director Academic Support Programs adiamt@uw.edu
Adrian Acosta Nursing Student Nursing acosta4@uw.edu
Adrienne Sorenson Masters Candidate Earth and Space Sciences adann83@uw.edu
Alan Herring Fiscal Budget Analyst Fiscal Services aherring@uw.edu
Alexandra Kerl Assistant Director for Alumni Programs UW School of Medicine / UW Medicine Advancement kerla@uw.edu
Ali Cho Academuc Advisor College of Engineering alicho21@uw.edu
Ali Cho Academic Adviser College of Engineering alicho21@uw.edu
Alina Mendez Assistant Professor American Ethnic Studies armendez@uw.edu
Alison Bazeley Counseling Services Coordinator at Residence Classification Office OUR abazeley@uw.edu
Allison McCarty Research Fellow Asian Law Center amc6688@uw.edu
Allison Lilley Administrative Assistant UAA allish5@uw.edu
Amanda Hornby Head of Teaching & Learning Program UW Libraries hornbya@uw.edu
Amy Fox Counseling Services Coordinator SAFS amyfox@uw.edu
Ana Fernandez Dobao Associate Professor Spanish and Portuguese Studies anadobao@uw.edu
Anastasia Ramey Program Coordinator School of Social Work stasiar@uw.edu
Andrea Pardo Academic Advisor Microbiology acroz@uw.edu
Andrea Salazar-Nunez Psychologist UW Counseling Services salazar6@uw.edu
Andres Huante Academic Adviser OMA&D CAMP andres09@uw.edu
Angela (Angie) Hobbs Senior Financial Aid Counselor Office of Financial Aid hobbsa@uw.edu
Ann Spangler Administrative Assistant Law School spangler@uw.edu
Anna Frazer Assicate Director of Program Operations; Graduate Program in Health Services Administration School of Public Health afrazer@uw.edu
Anna Director Program Assistant Transportation Services Sales & Admin agdirec@uw.edu
Anna Lauren Hoffman Assistant Professor Information School alho@uw.edu
Anne Marie Marshall Human Resources Specialist Facilities Services maxmarsh@uw.edu
Annie Dwyer Lecturer and Staff CHID and Simpson Center dwyera@uw.edu
Antaknea Majors Academic Adviser OMA&D HSCMSP aqm4@uw.edu
Anthony Aguiluz Mental Health Therapist Hall Health aaguiluz@uw.edu
Anthony Vargas AmeriCorps Equity in S.T.E.M. Position Pipeline Project (EXPD) ajv1996@uw.edu
Arianna Gomez Research Assistant GO-MAP/Pathology gomezae@uw.edu
Ashley Walker Advisor Doctorate in Educational Leadership aew7@uw.edu
Austin Raymond ECC Graduate Student Assistant OMA&D eccgsa@uw.edu
Ava Adams Program Coordinator Foster Undergraduate Programs avaadams@uw.edu
Avelaka Macarro Admissions Counselor & Recruiter Multicultural Outreach and Recruitment amacarro@uw.edu
Barbara Owens Undergraduate Student Services Specialist College of the Environment owensb@uw.edu
Barry Wall Director of Admissions Evans School barry77@uw.edu
Beatrice Arduini Assistant Professor of Italian French and Italian barduini@uw.edu
Beatrice Gandara DDS Oral Medicine bgandara@uw.edu
Beth Kalikoff director and associate professor Center for Teaching & Learning kalikoff@uw.edu
Betsy Mau Academic Counselor School of Nursing bmau@uw.edu
Brett Ramey Director Doris Duke Conservation bramey4@uw.edu
Brian Dang AmeriCorps Education Equity Coordinator UAA, EXPD, Pipeline Project dangb97@uw.edu
Briana Randall Executive Director Career & Internship Center brianakr@uw.edu
Brittany Ulloa GO-MAP/SACNAS/ Immunology bulloa@uw.edu
Bruce Nelson Professor and Chair Earth & Space Sciences bnelson@uw.edu
Butch de Castro Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion School of Nursing butchdec@uw.edu
Caitlin Blomquist Academic Program Manager Evans School cmb23@uw.edu
Caitlin Feeley Program Assistant Sales & Administration, Transportation Services caitf42@uw.edu
Carolyn Hylander NA Education cghylander@gmail.com
Carolyn Pinedo-Turnovsky Assistant Professor American Ethnic Studies cpt4@uw.edu
Carrie Evans evans77@uw.edu Evans School of Public Policy & Governance evans77@uw.edu
Casey Wynecoop Assistant Director Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity caw2@uw.edu
Cassandra Brigham Ms. Earth and Space Science cbrigham@uw.edu
Cassie Venneau Ms. Engineering Diversity and Access
Catalina Saldivia Lagos Student UW Law Student catasl@uw.edu
Catherine Provost Academic Advisor Physics cuala@uw.edu
Cathryne Jordan WiSE Director Engineering jordancl@uw.edu
Cazandra Santos-Richter Associate Director Foster Undergraduate Programs caz1585@uw.edu
Chanira Sperry Assistant Director, PhD Programs School of Social Work creang@uw.edu
Chelsea Melton Educational Test Administrator Office of Educational Assessment meltoc@uw.edu
Cherelyn Espina Academic Advisor & Director of Admissions UW Nursing cherelyn@uw.edu
Cheryl Hummel Graduation & Academic Records Specialist Graduations & Academic Records - Registrar chumm@uw.edu
Chris Erickson Records and Recruitment Specialist Transportation Services chrise23@uw.edu
Christine Edgar Academic Counselor Astronomy
Christine Fish Program Coordinator Office of the University Registrar cfish@uw.edu
Christopher Campbell Department Chair Urban Design and Planning ccamp1@uw.edu
Cindy Schaarschmidt Director of Student Fellowships & Study Abroad Office of Global Affairs Tacoma cs65@uw.edu
Clara Berridge Assistant Professor Social Work clarawb@uw.edu
Claudine Manio Graduate Program Adviser Dept. of Architecture/College of Built Environment claudine@uw.edu
Colleen Craig Senior Lecturer Chemistry cfcraig@uw.edu
Courtney Kroll Study Abroad Manager Office of Global Affairs Tacoma krollc@uw.edu
Courtney Saben CAMP Program Manager OMA&D; CAMP csaben@uw.edu
Crystal Hall Associate Professor Evans School of Public Policy and Governance hallcc@uw.edu
Cynthia Del Rosario Diversity Equity & Access Officer Information School cyn@uw.edu
Dan Poux Lead Academic Adviser Career & Internship Center danpoux@uw.edu
Daniel Herb Adviser & Program Coordinator Undergraduate Research Program dherb@uw.edu
Danielle Ishem Director of Workforce Development Center for Health Equity of Diversity & Inclusion at UW School of Medicine ishem@uw.edu
Danya Clevenger Community Partner Liaison Carlson Leadershhip & Public Service Center danyac@uw.edu
David Lloyd Sales and Administration Transportation Services dcl5@uw.edu
David Marty Program Assistant Transportation Services davidm59@uw.edu
David Sundine Associate Director of Admissions Office of Admissions dsundine@uw.edu
Dayna Childs Academic Advisor UWT Social Work& Criminal Justice dchilds@uw.edu
Deanna Fryhle CISM Program Adviser Business ddf@uw.edu
Deb Raftus Librarian for French & Italian Studies, Spanish & Portuguese Studies, and Latin American & Caribbean Studies UW Libraries draftus@uw.edu
Debby Tran Graduate Student Astronomy detran@uw.edu
Deepa Banerjee Associate Librarian University Libraries dbaner@uw.edu
Del Cid Grant Coordinator Environmental and Forest Sciences med4@uw.edu
Denise Grizzell Fiscal Specialist 1 Foster Undergraduate Programs
Denisse Guerrero Harvey Academic Adviser Communication dgh22@uw.edu
Diana Flores AmeriCorps Program Coordinator School of Dentistry dyflores@uw.edu
Dominic Evans Program Manager Disability Resources for Students devans13@uw.edu
Donna Pham Community Engagement Manager Carlson Center pdonna@uw.edu
Doug Jackson Clinical Professor School of Dentistry jacksond@uw.edu
Dustin Richmond Postdoctoral Researcher Computer Science and Engineering dustinar@uw.edu
Ed Chamberlain Assistant Professor Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences ec10@uw.edu
Elaine Klein Graduate Student; Part time lecturer Biology erklein@gmail.com
Elba Moise PhD student and Instructional consultant Center for Teaching and Learning moisee@uw.edu
Elisa Quintana Academic Counselor Astronomy eq25@uw.edu
Elizabeth Martin Program Coordinator College of Education Student Services etmartin@uw.edu
Elliott Stevens Assistant Research Commons Librarian Reference & Research Services res22@uw.edu
Eloise Boyle Undergraduate Advisor School of Drama emboyle@uw.edu
Elsie Pring Student Services Assistant School of Public Health pringels@uw.edu
Emilie Vrbancic Undergraduate Experience Librarian Odegaard Librarian vrbancic@uw.edu
Emilija Perkovic Acting Assistant Professor Statistics perkovic@uw.edu
Emily Bernet Student Services Counselor Health Services embernet@uw.edu
Emma O'Neill Myers Associate Director of Employer Relations Career & Internship Center econeill@uw.edu
Eric Dent Program Coordinator College Access edent200@uw.edu
Eric Nobis Managing Director Marketing and Communications nobis@uw.edu
Erica Coleman Academic Advisor Atmospheric Sciences ecoleman@uw.edu
Erik Dahl HR Manager UW Libraries eadahl@uw.edu
Erika Harnett Associate Research Professor & Associate Director Earth and Space Sciences & Washington NASA Space Grant eharnett@uw.edu
Erika Samson Academic Adviser Communications samsonej@uw.edu
Fathiya Abdi Graduate GO-MAP fabdi@uw.edu
Francisco Ayala Herrera Program Assistant Transportation Services fjayala@uw.edu
Frederick Slyter Library Specialist UW Libraries ftslyter@uw.edu
Georgina Mendoza Program Coordinator School of Social Work gmendoza@uw.edu
Gonzalo Guzman Instructor College of Education gonzog@uw.edu
Guadalupe Tovar Graduate Student Astronomy tovarg@uw.edu
Guillaume Tourniaire Predoc Instructor School of Drama guillt@uw.edu
Gurdeep Gill UW Pipeline ggill787@uw.edu
Hannah Mendro Materials Processing Technician University of Washington Bothell hsmendro@uw.edu
Heather Hill Assoc Prof Evans School hdhill@gmail.com
Heather Werckle Assistant Director of Academic Services - Graduate Programs Communication hwerckle@uw.edu
Helen Garrett Chief Officer Enr Info Svcs University Registrar helenbg@uw.edu
Hilary Nakaya Student Services Counselor OMA&D EOP hhn15@uw.edu
Holly Letourneau Operations Specialist Center for Equity Diversity and Inclusion sal20@uw.edu
HtooShar Mon Admissions Counselor Multicultural Outreach & Recruitment hmon@uw.edu
Hung Tran Program Assistant Transportation Services hungie89@uw.edu
Huy Nguyen Director of Gates Public Service Law Program UW Law cuu@uw.edu
Ian Young Instructor OMA&D Instructional Center ianyoung@uw.edu
Iisaaksiichaa Ross Braine UW Tribal Liaison & Director President's Office & OMA/D dabraine@uw.edu
Isabel Baughn Student assistant School of Social Work Admissions ihbaughn@uw.edu
Jan Kendle AVP/Unit Administrator OMA&D Jkendle@uw.edu
Jane Lee Assistant Professor School of Social Work janejlee@uw.edu
Janie Ng Test Administrator OEA UW Testing Center janien@uw.edu
Jazmyne Green Assistant Manager Transportation Services jazmyneg@uw.edu
Jeanette James Director of Strategy OMA&D Administration nettie@uw.edu
Jeff Cohen Associate Professor/Executive Director Social Work & Criminal Justice/Office of Global Affairs
Jenelle Birnbaum Communications Specialist Undergraduate Academic Affairs jbirn@uw.edu
Jenni Campbell Academic Adviser, Early Care & Education College of Education jcole2@uw.edu
Jennie Romich Associate Professor School of Social Work romich@uw.edu
Jennifer Maglalang Director of Admissions Social Work jennmag@uw.edu
Jennifer Simpson Graduate Advisor Graduate School jsimps1@uw.edu
Jessica Pak Academic Adviser Construction Management pakjm@uw.edu
Jessica Salvador Assistant Director of Undergraduate Research Program Undergraduate Research Program dearjess@uw.edu
Jillian McBride-Payne Adviser & Career Development Coordinator Public Health-Global Health Major jmp28@uw.edu
Jinny Sanders Library Supervisor UW Libraries jinnys@uw.edu
Joaquin Chapar Assistant Director for Constituent Relations OMA&D Advancement jbchapar@uw.edu
Joe Eckert Lead Academic Adviser Advising jeckert1@uw.edu
Joe Harper Kowalczyk Student Success & Career Development Adviser Public Health Major joehk@uw.edu
Joel Ross Senior Lecturer Information School joelross@uw.edu
Johanna Jacobsen Kiciman Reference and Instruction Librarian UW Tacoma Library jmjk@uw.edu
John Charlton Academic Services - Assistant Director Foster School of Business jcharltn@uw.edu
Jon Olivera Career Counselor Career & Intership Center jono2@uw.edu
Joseph Fisher Senior Admissions Counselor Undergraduate Admissions
Joseph Kobayashi Academic Adviser Marine Biology/Center for Quantitative Science jkob@uw.edu
Juandalyn Burke replacing Qanani Undergraduate Research Program jcburke@uw.edu
Juanita Ricks Director of PO S A School of Public Health jmricks@uw.edu
Judith Villanueva Spanish Lecturer Spanish and Portuguese Studies
Judy Howard Professor Emeritus Sociology/Gender Women and Sexuality Studies jhoward@uw.edu
Julie Berry Program Manager First Year Programs jberry3@uw.edu
June Morita Principal Lecturer Statistics june@uw.edu
Kai Wise Academic Advisor American Indian Studies kaiwise@uw.edu
Karen Khuu Counseling Services Coordinator Office of the University Registrar kkhuu91@uw.edu
Karen Wherlock Mentor Program Specialist Community Outreach wherlockk@bsd405.org
Karissa Masciel Undergraduate Academic Adviser School of Social Work sswedpre@uw.edu
Kat Eli Academic Advisor College of Engineering kateli@uw.edu
Kate Calisto Academic Counselor College of Engineering kcalisto@uw.edu
Kate Fredenberg MH Therapist Hall Health kfred@uw.edu
Kate Merriwether Assistant to Associate Dean Foster Undergraduate Programs k8lynch@uw.edu
Katherine Day Hase Director of Advancement OMA&D Advancement kdayhase@uw.edu
Kathie Friedman Associate Professor Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies friedman@uw.edu
Kathryn Pursch Cornforth Assistant Director UAA: CELE - Carlson Center purschk@uw.edu
Kathryn Grubbs Academic Adviser Robinson Center kgrubbs@uw.edu
Kathryn Higgins Program Coordinator, Enrichment Programs Robinson Center for Young Scholars kahigg@uw.edu
Katie Clements Admissions Specialist Enrollment Management kclem@uw.edu
Katie Wallace Community Engagement Manager Carlson Center kwallac1@uw.edu
Katsi Pena GO-MAP katsinicole@gmail.com
Kay Doherty Sales & Permit Program Coordinator Transportation Services doherty3@uw.edu
Kayla Cody Student Information Specialist School of Social Work Admissions kcody0@uw.edu
Kayode Stephens-Terry Sales and Administration Transportation Services ksterry@uw.edu
Keeyon Scott Academic Adviser, ECO College of Education keeyon@uw.edu
Kelsey Getz Advancement Assistant The Graduate School kelsey87@uw.edu
Kenneth Burns Admissions Counselor Multicultural Outreach & Recruitment kaebee@uw.edu
Kimberly Kramer Materials Processing Lead UW Bothell Campus Library kakramer@uw.edu
Kimberly Meier Postdoctoral Fellow Psychology kimmeier@uw.edu
Kirsten Atik Communications Director Undergraduate Academic Affairs katik@uw.edu
Kristen Yip STEM Specialist with GEAR UP Achievers Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity yipk@uw.edu
Kristin Elko Undergraduate Advisor, SPH Nutritional Sciences Program ugnutr@uw.edu
Kristine Wright Publich Information Center School of Nursing wrightk1@uw.edu
Kristy Copeland Doctoral Student Geography kristy.copeland@gmail.com
Kriya Velasco Graduate Student CAS, Polititcal Science kriyaissa@gmail.com
Kyla Wright Academic counselor STARS kwright5@uw.edu
Kysen Henderson Supervisor of Information & Reservations Husky Union Building kysen@uw.edu
Kysen Henderson Supervisor of Information & Reservations The HUB kysen@uw.edu
L. Monika Moskal Associate Director of SEFS/Associate Professor School of Environmental and Forest Sciences lmmoskal@uw.edu
Larissa Maziak Assistant to the Chair Urban Design and Planning austin_larissa@hotmail.com
Larry Eames Graduate Reference Specialist GMM eamesl@uw.edu
Laura De Vos TA English lmdevos@uw.edu
Laura Edwards Assoc. Director, Student Engagement, Leadership and Learning Undergraduate Programs, Foster School of Business ledwar@uw.edu
Laura Leslie Circulation Supervisor Engineering Library lhall@uw.edu
Laura Lillard Director, Libraries Human Resources / Diversity Officer UW Libraries lill@uw.edu
Laura Marquez Undergraduate Academic Counselor Gender Women & Sexuality Studies ljh2@uw.edu
Laura Penalver PsyD UW Tacoma - Student Counseling Center
Laura Harrington Youth Protection Specialist Office for Youth Programs Development & Support laurah13@uw.edu
Laura Lillard Director, Libraries Human Resources / Diversity Officer Libraries lill@uw.edu
Lauren Bedson Marketing and Student Recruitment Specialist Health Services hservask@uw.edu
Lauren Brackenbury Marketing and Student Recruitment Specialist Health Services SPH hservask@uw.edu
Lauren Fryhle Academic Counselor College of Engineering lfryhle@uw.edu
Lauren Kurland Student Engagement Director Stroum Center for Jewish Studies (Jackson School) kurlandl@uw.edu
Lauren Lederer Sr. Graduate Program Assistant Applied Math llederer@uw.edu
Lauren Ray Open Education and Psychology Librarian UW Libraries, Learning Services olray@uw.edu
Laurie Feldman Graduate Program Adviser Applied Math lf23@uw.edu
Leah Fulmer Graduate Student Astronomy lfulmer@uw.edu
Leiko Kurosawa Program Operations Specialist OMA&D EOP kurosg@uw.edu
Leland Haig-Widner Admission Specialist Undergraduate Admissions widner@uw.edu
Leyla Salmassi Manager, Program Operations Kelly ECC/OMAD leylas@uw.edu
Linda Ando EOP Counselor OMA&D EOP riziki@uw.edu
Lisa Erlanger MD Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine Family Medicine / Hall Health Primary Care erlanger@uw.edu
Liz Warfield Course Coordinator (Biology) Biology lizwarf@uw.edu
Lorna Hamill Academic Counselor American Ethnic Studies lthamill@uw.edu
Louisa Mackenzie Associate Professor French and Italian louisam@uw.edu
Luis Bowden Operations Manager FYP lbowden@uw.edu
Lynn Dietrich Director, Early Childhood and Family Studies College of Education Undergraduate Programs lynn76@uw.edu
Madeline Mundt Librarian UW Libraries mundtm@uw.edu
Madison Sullivan Business Research and Instruction Librarian UW Libraries & Foster Business Library madds@uw.edu
Magdalena Fonseca Director OMA&D Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center mikese@uw.edu
Marcos Llobera Associate Professor Anthropology mllobera@uw.edu
Margaret Isaac MD Medicine misaac@uw.edu
Margaret Lazzarini Graduate Student Astronomy mlazz@uw.edu
Marianne Kim Program Coordinator Evans School of Public Policy & Governance yejikim@uw.edu
Marie Angeles Admissions and Student Inclusion Counselor Evans School of Public Policy and Governance mva2@uw.edu
Marina Gano Graduate Advisor Graduate School (GEMS) mcgano@uw.edu
Martin Howell Assistant Dean College of Education mthowell@uw.edu
Mary Kay Grossblatt Graduate Student College of Education grossblattgirls@aol.com
Matt Bishop Assistant Director Admissions mbishop@uw.edu
Matthew Winslow Sr Associate Registrar Office of the University Registrar mwinslow@uw.edu
Max Needle Mr Earth and Space Sciences mneedle@uw.edu
May Saetern MWS: Social Work maysae7@uw.edu
Maya Smith Assistant Professor French and Italian Studies mayaas@uw.edu
Maya Kimura administrator Pharmacy kimurm@uw.edu
Medha Raman Admissions Program Coordinator School of Social Work medhar@uw.edu
Meegan Amen Facilities Coordinator College of Built Environments meegan@uw.edu
Meera Roy Director of Academic Services Political Science meroy@uw.edu
Megan Bentley-Moon Academic Advisor School of Education UWT praxes@uw.edu
Megan Finn Assistant Professor Information School megfinn@uw.edu
Megan Herzog Program Manager Urban Design and Planning/Community, Environment, and Planning herzomeg@uw.edu
Megan Mueller Graduate Student Earth & Space Sciences mueller4@uw.edu
Megan Ybarra Assitant Professor Geography mybarra@uw.edu
Meghan Coletta Program Manager First Year Programs mcoletta@uw.edu
Meghan Oxley Counseling Services Coordinator Earth & Space Sciences what@uw.edu
Melanie Truong Administrative Coordinator OMA&D Administration meltru82@uw.edu
Melissa Cintron Graduate GO-MAP cintronm@uw.edu
Mellanie Rhae Tanada Graduate Assistant Evans School (Public Policy and Governance) ssintern@uw.edu
Memory Brock Assistant Director of Admissions School of Dentistry memoryb@uw.edu
Micah Trapp Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost and Dean Undergraduate Academic Affairs micahlt@uw.edu
Michael Nielsen Certification Officer College of Education mnielsen@uw.edu
Michael Yates Adminstrative Coordinator OMAD yatzee37@uw.edu
Michele Cadigan Graduate Student Sociology mlcadig@uw.edu
Michelle Bagshaw Lecturer/Field Faculty School of Social Work mbagshaw@uw.edu
Michelle Hall Director of Student & Academic Services College of the Environment Dean's Office hallm@uw.edu
Michelle Saucedo Law Student UW School of Law msaucedo@uw.edu
Michelle Batchelor Interim A.D. for Research and Learning Services UW Libraries bchelle@uw.edu
Michelle Arambula Curriculum & Accreditation Specialist Student Academic Services, SPH cmpa@uw.edu
Mike Schloss Counseling Services Coordinator UW Champions Program mschloss@uw.edu
Miriam Garcia Scholarship Program Coordinator Foster School of Business garcim2@uw.edu
Molly McCarthy Managing Director of Marketing & Communications College of the Environment mollymm@uw.edu
Moon-HO Jung Associate Professor History mhjung@uw.edu
Muhamed Manhsour Counselor OMA&D TRIO SSS manhsour@uw.edu
Natalie Nicole Sanchez Graduate Research Student Astronomy sanchenn@uw.edu
Natasha Ludwig-Barron Ph.D. Student Epidemiology (GO-MAP) nludwig@uw.edu
Nate Panelo Assistant Director OMA&D Kelly ECC panelon@uw.edu
Negin Dahya Assistant Professor Information School negin.dahya@gmail.com
Nell Gross Academic Counselor History ngross@uw.edu
Nick Barr Clingan Director of Intl Programs CHID nickbarr@uw.edu
Nicole Minkoff Undergraduate Advisro Chemical Engineering nminkoff@uw.edu
Noe Valdovinos Academic Advisor Foster School of Business nval18@uw.edu
Noell Bernard Kingsley Director of Academic Services Earth and Space Sciences noelleon@uw.edu
Norah Fisher Assistant Director Graduate Student Services College of Education norahf@uw.edu
NormaAlicia Pino Director for Multicultural Education Center for Health Equity Diversity & Inclusion at UW School of Medicine
Oscar Rosales GO-MAP Outreaching Grads (OGs) Participant GOMAP-Outreach Graduates, School of Social Work oscarr@uw.edu
Patricia Loera Associate Vice President College Access College Access ploera@uw.edu
Patrycja Humienik Graduate School humienik@uw.edu
Penelope Wood Librarian UW Libraries woodpd@uw.edu
Pitchaya Phapanon Program Coordinator Transportation Services
Priscilla Yoon Assistant Director College of Engineering plyoon@uw.edu
Quynh-Nhu Tran Program Coordinator / Academic Counselor McNair Scholars and Early Identification Programs tranq3@uw.edu
Randy Nunez Mentor Program Coordinator Community Engagement nunezr@bsd405.org
Raven Alexander Assistant Director for Diversity & Outreach Computer Science & Engineering ravena@uw.edu
Rebecca Brown Graduate Funding Information Service Manager UW Libraries - Allen Research Commons gfis@uw.edu
Rebecca Southwick Public Services & Collection Maintenance Tech Suzzallo Library southr2@uw.edu
Rebecca Xie Admissions Specialist Undergraduate Admissions beccaxie@uw.edu
Rebecca Brown Graduate Funding Information Service Manager Research Commons, Allen Library gfis@uw.edu
Reed Garber Pearson Librarian Suzzallo Library rjgp@uw.edu
Reesha Flavors Advisor for Student Leadership OMAD - Kelly ECC reeshf@uw.edu
Renecia Jackson Program Assistant Transportation Services reneciaj@uw.edu
Renee Sproull Program Coordinator School of Public Health, Dean's office renees4@uw.edu
Ricardo Gomez Associate Professor Information School rgomez@uw.edu
Richard Sturman Lecturer iSchool rsturman@uw.edu
Rickey Hall Vice President OMA&D Administration rickey1@uw.edu
Robert Alwin Program Coordinator Continuum College alwinr@uw.edu
Robert Myers Fiscal Specialist OMA&D Fiscal robmy@uw.edu
Robin Chang Director of Office of Merit Scholarships; Fellowships & Awards Center for Eperiential Learning and Diversity robinc@uw.edu
Robyn Foshee Instructonal Designer UW Center for Teaching and Learning rfoshee@uw.edu
Rose Nguyen Program Manager Multicultural Outreach & Recruitment rosetnn@uw.edu
Roseann London Director OMA&D College Access rmlondon@uw.edu
Roslyn Kagy Director of GEAR UP Achievers OMAD Roslyn@uw.edu
Rukie Hartman Program Operations Specialist School of Public Health Dean's Office mrht@uw.edu
Rukie Hartman Program Operations Specialist School of Public Health Dean's Office mrht@uw.edu
Russell Cheek Manager Of Program Operations Transportation Services cheekr@uw.edu
Ryan Quigtar Community Partner Liaison College of Education rnq@uw.edu
Sabrina Tatta Advisor/Lecturer French and Italian Studies sabri@uw.edu
Sabrina Mora Curriculum Develpment Coordinator UW Dream Project moras@uw.edu
Sala Satarakan Undergraduate Research Program
Samantha Scherer Manager of Student Services SAFS iamsams@uw.edu
Sandra Maddox Undergraduate Academic Adviser Materials Science and Engineering sbmaddox@uw.edu
Sarah Allex Academic Advisor Foster School of Business allexs@uw.edu
Sarah Riley Graduate Program Advisor for CFRM Applied Math sjriley@uw.edu
Sarah Tuttle Assistant Professor CAS, Astronomy tuttlese@uw.edu
Saralyn Santos Equity in STEM Coordinator UW Pipeline Project saralyns@uw.edu
Scot Mar Fiscal Manager OMA&D Fiscal smar206@uw.edu
Scott Pinkham MSEP Lead Engineering spinkham@uw.edu
Scott Weatherman Assistant Director of Undergraduate Advising College of Education weather9@uw.edu
SeEun Kim Senior Intl Admissions Undergraduate Admissions kimseeun@uw.edu
Selene Pouksen GO-MAP Outreaching Grad (OG) Participant UW Law / GoMap spoul@uw.edu
Shannon Merchant Career Counselor Career & Internship Center smerch15@uw.edu
Simone Nelson Academic Programs Information Specialist Nursing snelson@uw.edu
Simone Willynck Program Coordinator OMA&D slwillyn@uw.edu
Solomon Jon Advisor Student Activities Office solomonj@uw.edu
Som Dithavong Program Support Supervisor II The Office of the University of Registrar som@uw.edu
Soohyung Hur Graduate Student Geography Hursh@uw.edu
Staci Guerrero Assistant Director of Human Resources Foster School of Business/Dean's Office sguerrer@uw.edu
Steph Salazar Graduate Assistant Evans School of Public Policy & Governance ssintern@uw.edu
Stephanie Olsen Senior Financial Aid Counselor Office of Student Financial Aid stepho5@uw.edu
Stephanie Smallwood Associate Professor History ses9@uw.edu
Stephen Harris Sales and Admin Transportation Services harris6@uw.edu
Stephen Portillo post-doc Astronomy sportill@uw.edu
Steve Berard Program Operations Manager Health Services sberard@uw.edu
Steve Weber Manager of Access and Building Services Odegaard Library of UW Libraries seweber@uw.edu
Susan Coldwell Professor Oral Health Sciences scoldwel@uw.edu
Susanna Hansson Academic Counselor Sociology susanna@uw.edu
Suzan Parker Head, Collections and Course Support Services UW Libraries (UW Bothell/Cascadia College) sparkerz@uw.edu
Suzan Parker (Peebles) Head, Collections and Course Support Services UW Libraries, Bothell Campus sparkerz@uw.edu
Suzanne Yates Student Services Counselor Health Services sbyates@uw.edu
Sylvie Shiosaki Gift Services Specialist Gift Services shshio2@uw.edu
Taryn Black Earth and Space Sciences teblack@uw.edu
Teddy Davenport Graduate Student Geography tsdav@uw.edu
Teri Ward Director OMA&D Health Sciences Center Minority Students Program tlward@uw.edu
Tess Matsukawa Adviser and Eduity, Diversity, and Incluion Coordinator Public Health- Global Health tessm3@uw.edu
Therese Mar Director Instructional Center therese@uw.edu
Thomas Walker Predoctoral Instructor English tjwalker@uw.edu
Tikka Sears Instructional Consultant Center for Teaching and Learning tikka@uw.edu
Tina Miller Sr. Assoc. Registrar/Chief Residency Officer Office of the Univ. Registrer millert@uw.edu
Tomomi Ito Therapist/CM Counseling Center tomito@uw.edu
Tyneshia Valdez Administrative Assistant B Astronomy tvaldez1@uw.edu
Valerie Hamilton Associate Director Disability Resources for Students valhamilton29@gmail.com
Vanessa De Veritch Woodside Assistant Professor Hispanic Studies of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences vdw@uw.edu
Victoria Gardner Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion School of Public Health vg@uw.edu
Vikki Day Hase Asst. Dean of Undergraduate Programs Foster School of Business vhday@uw.edu
Wandaya Terry Associate Director of Advancement OMA&D Advancement wnmterry@uw.edu
Wei Zuo Instructional consultant CTL weizuo@uw.edu
Wilhelm Zuercher Program Assistant Facilities Services/Transportation Services zuercw@uw.edu
Yasmin Ahmed Bridges Center Coordinator Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies ypahmed@uw.edu
Yoshi Ueda Program Coordinator OMA&D Upward Bound yoshiko@uw.edu
Zene Tefera Registrar Dentistry zene@uw.edu