Leadership Without Borders

The Model & Impact

The Leadership Without Borders (LWB) Undocu Model is a blueprint for the development of programs and intiatives that advance the development of a comprehensive pathway for undocumented students’ access and success at institutions of higher education and beyond. 

The Model

The LWB Undocu Model consists of four core components: Empowerment, Equity, Education, & Empathy. Each component describes a specific area of work as well as specific objectives for how LWB works to support and partner with undocumented students. Collectively, the model provides the foundation for the development of a space dedicated to serving undocumented students and the fulfillment of our mission: to create an empowering, inclusive, equitable, and supportive culture for undocumented students at the University of Washington and beyond.

Empowerment: A launchpad for undocumented students

The LWB offers a space where students can access resources to discover, construct, and expand their own brand of leadership and work towards creating a more equitable and inclusive campus community and society.

Equity: A concerted effort to increase equity for undocumented students.

The LWB works to provide access to and expand a network of partners and allies dedicated to working with and for undocumented students. The LWB is a hub and connecting point to resources and support for all undocumented students.

Education: A trainings and education program to raise awareness and increase the number of allies to undocumented students.

The LWB leads the way in providing undocu ally trainings for staff, educators, and administrators on campus as well as to other off-campus organizations; including colleges, school districts, and community organizations.

Empathy: A commitment to radical community building and compassion.

The LWB promotes collaboration, inclusion, and equity across campus and the at-large community through events and partnerships. The LWB is committed to advocating on behalf of all underserved student populations and their communities.


Our Impact

Although the program was recently established, LWB is already having an impact at the University of Washington by providing unodcumented students with unprecedented levels of support and access to resources. In addition, LWB is also committed to working with other colleges, school districts, and organization to amplify our impact.

We encourage you to contact us at undocu@uw.edu to learn more about LWB’s Undocu Model.