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Are you ready for Intake:
Analysis questions to ask to determine if your SME, organization is ready to proceed with starting a program.
Are you ready for intake_170712

Analysis Questions:
Questions to ask to identify the training gap to be filled.
Analysis Questions

Anatomy of a Training Impact:
Chart showing the connection between business goals and learning interventions.
Anatomy of a Training Impact
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Checklist for strong learning design:
Reference document to aid you in designing more action-oriented learning experiences.  On the converse tips on avoiding information dumping.
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Content Readiness Success Factors:
Tips and questions to ask your SME and team BEFORE starting design or development.
Content Readiness Success Factors

Course Owner Responsibilities:
Check list for identifying the accountability of the content owner.   Make sure you have a defined course end date AND a periodic review for currency/accuracy – recommend annually.
Course Owner Responsibilities

ID Best Practices:
Brief summary of ID best practices
ID Best Practices

Needs Assessment:
A needs assessment is the process of determining if there is a need to improve performance and, if so, in what area and to what extent. Conducting a thorough needs assessment is critical to the development of successful instruction.  This document outlines the importance of a needs assessment.
Needs Assessment

Program and Course Owner Responsibilities:

An accountable named person is required for every training program created for use within UW Medicine to ensure training courses are aligned with UW Medicine and the UW Medicine entities. The responsibilities are listed in this document.
Program and Course Owner Responsibilities

Training Gap Identification:
This worksheet is used when an individual, group, or organization determines that a lack of knowledge or proficiency requires formal training (i.e., documented training with defined learning objectives and training materials), but no such training currently exists. It defines basic information about the training gap that is sufficient to determine the scope and priority of the assignment, and to decide which training function should receive the tasking.
Training Gap Identification

Training Development Timeline Estimation:
Estimations based on ATD’s article: Time to Develop One Hour of Training
Training Development Timeline Estimation

Needs Analysis and Gap Analysis:
Needs Analysis vs. Gap Analysis

CDC eLearning Essentials:
A guide to aid in the creation of quality eLearning by identifying key instructional components and summarizing what they are, why they are important, and how to sue them most effectively. This is a comprehensive, yet simple A to Z guide.

Link: https://www.cdc.gov/learning/local/pdf/ElrngEsstls.pdf