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Other Computer Labs at UW

One of the advantages of taking a CIC course is that you have exclusive access to the computers in this classroom. Although classes are held in our facilities every Monday through Friday, we do have public hours in Mary Gates 082 during the afternoons and on weekends. During those times, students currently enrolled in CIC courses may use our computers to do their English class work. While you will often find short wait times in 082, there may be times when our hours or location make one of the other labs on campus a better option for you.

The following computer labs are particularly convenient and suited to the needs of students enrolled in CIC classes. All labs listed have both Macintosh and IBM-compatible computers and technical staff familiar with Windows and Microsoft Office programs. There is no charge for computer use on campus, although there is a small fee for printing.

MGH Computing Resource Center: First Floor

Telephone: 543-0681.

UWired Commons: Odegaard Undergraduate Library.

Telephone: 616-7173

More Program Tutorials

If you feel that you would like more in-depth instructions on Windows, Microsoft Office programs, graphics software, or Web authoring, there are a number of excellent guides available online. Here are a few we find helpful:

Additionally, workshops are conducted throughout the academic year by the Student Access and Computing Group-- see the online course schedule for more information on times and dates.