IPACC Studies

Integrating Palliative and Critical Care (IPACC): An ICU Intervention to Improve End-of-life Care
Principal Investigator:  JR Curtis
Research Grant:  National Institute of Health / NINR, June 2003 to February 2008

The primary aim of this project was to evaluate the effectiveness of a multi-faceted intervention designed to improve the quality of dying in, or shortly after a stay in, the ICU using a randomized controlled study of 12 hospitals, controlling for clustering of patients within hospitals.  The intervention was evaluated with three patient-level outcome measures: the quality of dying, the quality of end-of-life care, and indicators of palliative care.  A secondary aim was to examine the variability in, and predictors of, the quality of dying and end-of-life care in community hospitals with the purpose of identifying the current quality of end-of-life care in non-academic settings and the factors associated with the quality of this care.  A final secondary aim was to evaluate the successful and unsuccessful components of the intervention and describe the institutional facilitators and barriers to the intervention’s implementation, with a focus on informing organizational interventions to improve care of the dying at other sites.

The IPACC Video (“Integrating Palliative and Critical Care — An Educational Video About Improving Palliative Care in the ICU “)  was available on the website of the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) at http://www.ninr.nih.gov/NewsAndInformation/PodCastMultimedia/.

clinicaltrials.gov: http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00685893

Promoting Palliative Care Excellence in the ICU
Principal Investigators:  JR Curtis, PD Treece
Research Grant:  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, March 2003 to February 2006

This project was designed to implement and evaluate a multi-faceted, nurse-focused, quality improvement intervention to improve the quality of palliative care in the ICU.  The 5-component intervention included:  1) ICU clinician education on the principles and practice of palliative care; 2) multi-disciplinary unit champions to promote attitudinal change concerning palliative care; 3) academic detailing of ICU managers and clinicians to identify and address unit-specific barriers to improving palliative care; 4) feedback of quality improvement data to managers and clinicians; and 5) implementation of systems-level support to improve care, prevent compassion fatigue, and enhance sustainability.  Process measures included assessment of the intervention’s implementation and perceived usefulness.  Outcome measures included the quality of dying and death, satisfaction with care, and quality of care assessed by families, nurses, and chart review.  The overall goal was to demonstrate effectiveness of a generalizable intervention to improve palliative care in the ICU.

Publications from these studies include:

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