Communication Tools

Get-to-Know-Me Poster
The Get-to-Know-Me poster provides a way to involve family members in the care provided to their loved one in the ICU and provides information to clinicians about who the patient is as a person. Family members and ICU clinicians have found these posters very helpful. In situations where the patient is at risk of death during this hospitalization, many families find that filling out the poster is a good way to let clinicians know who the patient is. It can be a wonderful time of reminiscence for the family.


“V.A.L.U.E.” Reference Card
The “VALUE” reference is a five-step mnemonic to improve ICU clinician communication with families.

Reference:   Lautrette A, Darmon M, Megarbane B, Joly LM, Chevret S, Adrie C, Barnoud D, Bleichner G, Bruel C, Choukroun G, Curtis JR, Fieux F, Galliot R, Garrouste-Orgeas M, Georges H, Goldgran-Toledano D, Jourdain M, Loubert G, Reignier J, Saidi F, Souweine B, Vincent F, Barnes NK, Pochard F, Schlemmer B, Azoulay E.  A communication strategy and brochure for relatives of patients dying in the ICU. N Engl J Med. 2007 Feb 1;356(5):469-78. (PDF, 197 KB) 


Withdrawal-of-Life-Support Orders for the withdrawal of life support in the ICU

Reference:  Treece PD, Engelberg RA, Crowley L, Chan JD, Rubenfeld GD, Steinberg KP, Curtis JR.  Evaluation of a standardized order form for the withdrawal of life support in the intensive care unit. Crit Care Med. 2004; 32:1141-1148. (PDF, 478 KB)