Improving Quality of Communication About End-of-Life; Chronic End-of-Life Care for Chronic Lung Disease and Acute Respiratory Failure
Principal Investigator:  JR Curtis
K24 Award: National Institute of Health / NHLBI, June 2002 to July 2012

This award provided salary support for Dr. Curtis and the End-of-life Care Research Program for the purpose of mentoring new clinical investigators in patient-oriented research. Dr. Curtis, along with Dr. Engelberg, Ms. Nielsen and other Program staff, provided this mentoring within the context of the research projects being conducted by the Harborview/University of Washington End-of-life Care Research Program as well as other related projects. Mentored investigators include physician-fellows, medical residents, medical students as well as pre- and post-doctoral students in the School of Nursing and the School of Public Health. In addition, Dr. Curtis and his team also provided mentoring for junior faculty in the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health.