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  • Apply Now to be a Member of the UW SAGE Delegation!

    December 3, 2018

    Interested in policy? Passionate about advocating for graduate student issues? Apply to be a member of the UW SAGE Delegation for 2019 Day on the Hill! Delegates will be traveling to Washington D.C. from April 6th - 10th to lobby Washington Congressmen and Congresswomen. Lobby issues for 2019 are still to be determined. Check out…

  • Diversity Committee (DivCom) Funding Applications Now Open!

    November 1, 2018

    Are you a member of a RSO or department working to enhance or celebrate diversity for UW graduate and professional students? Apply for funding through the GPSS DivCom! Diversity Funds are awarded by the GPSS Diversity Committee (DivCom) and are to supplement programs or events that are related to diversity efforts. Funds should be used…

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