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  • 2017 GPSS Academic Conference

    May 10, 2017

    The 1st Academic Conference hosted by GPSS, "Our Work Now: The Critical Role of Graduate and Professional Students in the Post-Election America," was a good success. Students from various disciplines across three campuses gathered together. Presentations were impressive and session conversations were productive and highly interdisciplinary.

  • Senate with Sam. April 26, 2017.

    April 26, 2017

    Spring term is in full swing now and 2 Senate meetings have already happened yet exciting things are afoot. This week we will talk about new resolutions, guest speakers, and the upcoming events, including elections. Currently the Senators are just passed a new resolution in support of May Day. The authors are encouraging graduate students…

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Date Number
May 31, 2017 06.16-17
May 3, 2017 05.16-17
April 19, 2017 04.16-17
February 8, 2017 03.16-17
January 11, 2017 02.16-17
December 7, 2016 01.16-17

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