Diversity Funds


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What are Diversity Funds?
Diversity Funds are to supplement programs or events that are related to diversity efforts. Funds should be used to benefit a cross-section of graduate and professional students. Diversty includes but is not limited to consideration of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, dis/ability, age, religion, and nationality. 

Who Can Apply?
Diversity Funds are reserved for a) Registered Student Organizations (RSOsand b) departments working on diversity at the UW Campus. Each applicant can apply for an one-time per year allocation of up to $500. 

The funding priorities go to:

  1. An event organized and attended mainly by graduate and professional students
  2. An event of an organization/department that includes graduate and professional student leadership and has a past record of good participation/attendance of graduate and professional students
  3. An event that can present its past record of good participation/attendance of graduate and professional students
  4. An event that is presumed to benefit graduate and professional students by advancing diversity effort on campus even if it does not fit in any criteria of 1 through 3.

How to Apply?
Representatives of a RSO or a department must submit an application for funding to gpsssec@uw.edu

Applications will be reviewed by Diversity Committee and GPSS Secretary.  Applicants will be asked to attend a Diversity Committee meeting for an interview; the Committee will then be given the opportunity to ask the authors questions, debate the application, and vote on whether and how much funding will be to be awarded.

Funding Policies:
The GPSS, in consultation with the University has created several funding policies, to govern the use of state funds. 

Funding CANNOT be:

  • allocated retroactively. No reimbursements may be made for costs incurred prior to the approval of funding. 
  • used to support the instructional mission of the University, including the purchase of materials for program operations.       
  • used for purchasing gifts, prizes, or making loans.
  • used for capital purchases.   
  • used for the purchase of food or beverages.  
  • used for off-campus events.   
  • used to subsidize student travel.   
  • used for lobbying to influence legislation, campaigning for a political candidate, initiative, or ballot measure.   

Other important things to note are that:

  • Revenue generated by a GPSS sponsored event should accrue back to the GPSS. Accrual of revenue may be proportional to the GPSS’ share of funding contributions if the GPSS is not the sole funder.
  • Out-of-town guest speakers or performers whose travel costs are subsidized by the GPSS cannot hold additional speaking or performance engagements in the Seattle vicinity during their visit unless the GPSS Diversity Committee agrees in advance.
  • The Diversity Committee reserves the right to ask for information about the event after its completion.

A few examples of what Diversity Funds CAN fund are:

  • Honorarium of a guest speaker/performer
  • Accommodation  of a guest speaker/performer
  • Room rental
  • Printing and adverstising cost
  • Operating cost 

Advertising Regulations:

  • Events funded by the GPSS must be publicized to graduate students.   
  • Events funded by the GPSS must bear the GPSS logo on all promotional items and media (Download the logo here).   
  • Events funded by the GPSS shall be free and open to at least one GPSS representative to attend the event for observation.
  • The GPSS may require that an event organizer or RSO representative speaks on the GPSS's behalf, indicating that funding was provided to the event by the GPSS.
  • Organizers of events funded by GPSS are encouraged to photograph the event and provide those photos to the GPSS Secretary (gpsssec@uw.edu) within two weeks of the date of the event. The photos may be used for the GPSS website or social media as records of events funded by the Diversity Committee.
  • All publicity must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) by including the following notice:

The University of Washington is committed to providing access, equal opportunity and reasonable accommodations in its services, programs, activities, education and employment for individuals with disabilities. To request disability accommodation, contact the disability services office at least ten days in advance at: 206-543-6450/V, 206-543-6452/TTY, 206-685-7264/F or dso@uw.edu.

Completing the Transfer:

Once funding is approved by the Diversity Committee, the GPSS Secretary will work with the SAO office to transfer the funding.

Notice of Revocation:

Failure to follow any of the above guidelines may result in the denial of funding or the revocation of funding after approval.

Questions About the Process?
Please email the GPSS Secretary Soh Yeun (Elloise) Kim at gpsssec@uw.edu.