Travel Grants Application: Faculty Recommendation Form

The Travel Grant Faculty Recommendation form is now open.

Please refer to the Submission Schedule on the main Travel Grant webpage:

Travel Grants

Please complete the following assessment using language that is accessible to non-specialists. Please address all of the specific questions directly and as completely as possible in order to maximize the application’s value. Please also note that the student’s paper/poster/panel abstract will be submitted by the student. It is thus unnecessary to explain the particular work to be presented at the conference here.


  • Position and UW Department Affiliation: information for the Committee.
  • Phone Number: an additional option for contact. If the Committee needed to contact you, they would try to contact you through email first.
  • Importance of Conference Event Participation: to assess how important the conference is to the student’s academic and professional development.
  • Importance of Conference: to assess how effective the conference is and has been for students.
  • Department Funding: to assess level of financial need.
  • Personal Recommendation: to identify whether or not the faculty member recommends this particular conference for the student.
  • Additional Comments: anything else the applicant would like the Travel Grants Committee to know (potential for 0-2 points added).

GPSS Travel Grant Application – Faculty Recommendation