Travel Grants Application: Student Form

2023-2024 GPSS Travel Grant Application: Student Checklist

The Travel Grant Application form is now open.

Please ensure your faculty also submits the faculty recommendation form:

Travel Grants Application: Faculty Recommendation Form

Due Date: Please refer to the Travel Grants Operation Timeline on

Please read below for specific information regarding the funding transfer in light of UW’s Financial Transformation to Workday. We recommend you share this with your Shared Environment Accountants or other fiscal support staff who will administer this funding.

  • The HUB will initiate the transfer of funds to your department’s Cost Center and other provided tags (Program, Grant, Gift, Activity, or Project).
  • All funds will use the Services and Activities Fee Resource (RS100298).
  • All purchases made by your department using these Departmental Allocation/Travel Grant funds should use the Services and Activities Fee Resource.
    • Purchases made using any other Resource Tag will need to be reclassed, by your department’s Shared Environment Accountants, to use the Services and Activities Fee Resource in order to apply the Departmental Allocation/Travel Grant funds to the purchase.
  • Other questions pertaining to purchasing methods and funding transfers should be directed to your Shared Environment Accountants or other fiscal support staff. HUB Finance and Business Operations does not have the capacity to provide support beyond initiating the transfer.


  1. When should I apply?

    • GPSS strongly suggested applicants to apply beforehand, at least one month in advanced is preferred due to the evaluation processing time among different unit.
  2. Can I apply after the conference ends?

    • No, we only accept applications where the event / conference is happening in the upcoming future. Application with passed event date or event date that is occurring within 10 days will not be considered, since it usually took up to at least 2 weeks for the evaluation process to be completed.
  3. I don’t know my school’s budget worktag; what should I do?

    • GPSS strongly recommends to contact a relative financial office that is either under your program or school to get this information.
    • Please note that GPSS do not have this information so please ensure you are providing the correct budget number so that the funding is transferred to the right window if you are qualified for the travel grant.
    • As of FY24, UW changed its financial system and instead of the budget number (eg. 62-1404), we now require the following four Worktag components (Cost Center, Fund, Function, Resource). Please reach out to your department’s finance / budget office to find this information.


GPSS is receiving a great amount of applications and the application pool is extremely competitive. As a result, GPSS strongly recommend applicants filling in all questions in the application form and to be as detailed as possible to be better considered for the travel grant. GPSS  We do carefully and thoroughly evaluate the materials provided by the applicants.

GPSS Travel Grant Application – Student Form