The 39th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics

Fifth Circular

August 31, 2006

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This is the fifth and final circular for the 39th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages & Linguistics, to be held on the campus of the University of Washington in Seattle, Sept. 15-17, 2006 (with a pre-conference workshop Sept. 14). This circular contains important information about the schedule, presentations, and transportation, among other things.

1) The deadline for reserving meals is extended to September 11. See below.

2) The conference program is now available. See below.

3) There will be an informal welcome reception on Thursday evening. See below.

4) The deadline for submitting updated abstracts is September 5. See below.

Updated information on the conference, as well as copies of all circulars and other announcements, is available at the ICSTLL-39 web site, Please check the web site frequently.

Conference Schedule

The basic outline of the conference schedule is as follows:

Thursday, September 14, 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm: Pre-Conference Workshop

Thursday, September 14, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm: Informal Welcome Reception

Friday, September 15 through Sunday, September 17, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm: Main Conference Sessions

Saturday, September 16, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm: Banquet

Sunday, September 17, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm: Farewell Barbecue

Transportation to the Hotels from the Airport

We regret that we cannot provide airport pickups for all participants. Please plan to make your own way. If you have special need of an airport pickup (for example, because of difficulty communicating in English), please contact us before September 8 at icstll39 @ and provide your flight arrival information. We will send you confirmation and instructions by email.

The addresses of the conference hotels are:

Watertown Inn: 4242 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle
University Inn: 4140 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle
University Tower Hotel: 4507 Brooklyn Ave NE (at NE 45th St), Seattle
College Inn Hotel: 4000 University Way NE, Seattle

From the airport, you can reach the hotels by bus, shuttle, airport limo, or taxi. If you are not coming from the airport, please see the Transportation page for information on arriving by train, car, or other means.

By bus

This is the most inexpensive way to travel (about $2), but involves changing buses in downtown Seattle and will take about one hour. You will take bus #194 from the airport terminal and change on Fourth Avenue to one of the buses that goes near the hotels, such as the #71, #72, #73. Bus drivers in Seattle are very friendly and will happily answer questions to guide you to your destination.

For specific travel times and route suggestions that fit the schedule of your flights, visit the bus system's excellent on-line trip planner, enter "SEATAC" as your starting address, the hotel address (such as "4242 ROOSEVELT WAY NE") as your ending address, and indicate your departure date and time. (See .)

By taxi

Follow the signs in the airport to the taxi stand. The cost for a taxi ride is about $40 - $48. Taxi drivers in the US expect a tip of about 10-15%.

By airport limo

Seattle SA Town Car provides one-way airport service for $32 (total price for one or two people). For reservations, call +1 (206) 459-7903.

By airport shuttle

Shuttle Express provides frequent shared van service to and from the airport. If you take one of the regularly scheduled shuttles from the airport, the cost is $19.50 per person. (If the driver helps with your bags, a tip of $1 per bag may be optionally given.) Make reservations through the web site (, or by calling +1 (425) 981-7000 or +1 (800) 487-7433. You do not need a reservation to take the shuttle, but it will help guarantee availability of seats.

Arrival at the Conference and Registration/Sign-In

When you arrive at your hotel, the front desk will give you some information on how to get to the conference sites on campus. This information will also be made available on the conference web site for download.

A sign-in table will be available beginning Thursday, September 14, at 2:00 pm at Gowen Hall Room 1B, near the location of the pre-conference workshop. It will remain open until the welcome reception ends at 9:00 pm. We encourage everybody to sign in on Thursday if at all possible, to avoid long lines on Friday. You will also be able to sign in on Friday morning outside the Walker-Ames Room in Kane Hall beginning at 8:00 am.

Whether you have already registered or not, you will need to sign in. When you sign in you will receive a name badge, an abstract book, and a program. You will also be asked to pay for any meals you have reserved. If you are not yet registered, you will also be asked to pay your registration fee when you sign in. Please be prepared to pay by cash or check, in US dollars--we cannot accept credit card payments on site. (You can see if you are registered by going to the Participants & Papers page and looking for an asterisk (*) next to your name.)

Abstracts and Names

The version of your abstract that is on the Participants & Papers page of the conference web site is the one that will be included in the abstract book. If you wish to update your abstract before the abstract book is printed, please do so by September 5.

Your name and affiliation will appear on your name badge and in the table of contents of the abstract book. The name on your badge will appear exactly as you have indicated on the web site. If you want to change the way that your name appears, please go to Update My Information. Pay attention not only to spelling and capitalization but also to the order of the surname and given name. The deadline for name changes is also September 5.

Conference Meals

Breakfast will be available at the hotels. Lunch will not be provided; there are numerous places on and near campus where inexpensive meals can be purchased. We will help participants find places to eat.

The conference banquet will be held the evening of Saturday, September 16. The banquet meal will be a northwest buffet featuring salmon, chicken and vegetarian dishes. You are welcome to bring guests (including those not attending the conference) to the banquet. The cost for the banquet will be $40 per person. We will know the exact cost soon.

On the last day of the conference, Sunday, September 17, there will be an outdoor American-style barbecue dinner. The barbecue will feature grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, as well as vegetarian burgers. The cost will be $17 per person.

You can see complete menus for the meals at

Please reserve meals by going to We must give the caterer final numbers before the conference begins, so please make your meal reservations by September 11. If you are unable to use the web site, you can send information by email to icstll39 @, indicating how many spaces you wish to reserve for the banquet and the barbecue.

Payment for meals will be due by cash or check, in US dollars, when you sign in at the conference.

Welcome Reception

There will be an informal welcome reception following the pre-conference workshop on Thursday, September 14. It will be from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm in Gowen Hall Room 1B. We will provide snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. If you are in town, please drop by to socialize. Sign-in tables will also be available.

Conference Program

A preliminary version of the conference program is now available on the conference web site. We will continue to update the program, and will have a finalized version available about one week before the conference begins. Copies of the final program will be provided when you sign in at the conference.

Please check the program. If your talk has accidentally been omitted, if you feel you should be in a different conference session, or if you are unable to present at the time scheduled, please send email and we will do our best to revise the schedule for you.


Professor Jim Matisoff has organized a pre-conference workshop on the current state of Tibeto-Burman and Sino-Tibetan historical reconstruction. The workshop will be held the afternoon of Thursday, September 14, at 3:00, and is open to all conference attendees. The workshop program is available on the conference web site.


20 minutes has been allotted for each presentation. Please plan to talk for 15-17 minutes and to leave 3-5 minutes for questions and discussion. We wish we could give speakers more time but we are constrained by the large number of participants.

There will be somewhere between 90 and 100 presentations in total, and about 120 participants in the conference. Because of parallel sessions, you can probably expect 60 or fewer people at your talk. We will not be able to make photocopies of handouts for you. Please plan to bring enough handouts with you, or plan to make copies on your own after you arrive. There are many photocopy shops on University Way near the hotels and campus.

We will have digital projectors and overhead projectors available for your use. If you plan to bring a Macintosh laptop, be sure to bring an appropriate VGA video adaptor! Windows machines generally do not need adaptors. We recommend that you use your own laptop for presentations if possible. We will also have Windows and Macintosh laptops available for your use. If you want to use our laptops for your presentation, please bring your files on a USB thumb drive and ask a staff person to help you load and test your presentation well in advance.

The language of the conference is English. If you plan to present in another language, please try to provide English-language handouts or other materials so that English speakers can benefit from your presentation.

If you have special requests relating to your presentation, let us know.

Book Table

There will be a book table at the main conference venue, the Walker-Ames Room in Kane Hall. Please bring books that you would like to display.


Seattle weather is usually very pleasant in September. You can expect mild sunny days and cool evenings. You will probably need to wear a sweater or jacket after sundown. There is always a chance of light rain, so you may wish to carry a small umbrella or hat. See the Weather page on the web site for more details.


We will not be organizing any formal sightseeing tours. But we encourage you to explore Seattle on your own if you have time. Some suggestions for things to see and do are available on the Seattle page of the web site.

This is the last circular. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us at icstll39 @ We are very excited to be hosting you and look forward to a productive and successful conference!

For the ICSTLL-39 Organizing Committee,
Zev Handel

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