The 39th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics

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Main Sessions: September 15-17, 2006

University of Washington, Seattle


This is the official web site of ICSTLL-39. The conference will be hosted by the Department of Asian Languages and Literature on the campus of the University of Washington, in Seattle, Washington.

Announcement (Sep 12): If you have not yet registered and are interested in attending the conference, please register at the conference sign-in tables. Sign-in hours are Thursday, Sept. 14, 2pm-9pm in Gowen Hall Room 1B, and Friday-Sunday, Sept. 15-17, 8am-5pm in the Walker-Ames Room, Kane Hall. The conference program and paper abstracts are available on-line. Conference registration is $40 (regular), $15 (students), free (UW affiliates).

Announcement (Sep 11): Meal reservations are now closed. Any available spaces will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis at the conference sign-in tables. View the menus.

Announcement (Sep 7): A welcome sheet has been prepared. It contains a map and other information to help you get oriented when you arrive. It will be given to you when you check in at the hotels. It is also available for download here. If you are not staying at the hotels, please be sure to print a copy and bring it with you.

Announcement (Sep 6): The cost for the Saturday banquet dinner has been fixed at $40. The cost for the Sunday barbecue dinner has been fixed at $17. Please make your meal reservations before September 11 by clicking here.

Announcement (Sep 1): The fifth and final circular was sent out by email on September 1. Please note that we will be preparing the abstract book next week. If you wish to send a revised abstract for inclusion, please do so by Tuesday, September 5.

Announcement (Aug 19): A revised (but still preliminary) program is now available. The program will probably not be finalized until about a week before the conference begins.

Announcement (Aug 17): We will have digital projectors and audio available in all three presentation venues. If you are planning to present with a Macintosh laptop, please make sure you have an appropriate video adaptor cable. If you require any other special equipment for you presentation, please let us know as soon as you can. Please plan to make photocopies of your handouts, as we cannot provide this service. There are many copy shops near campus. We anticipate approximately 120 conference participants, but because of parallel sessions, in most cases 60 handouts should be more than sufficient.

Announcement (Aug 16): I have arranged for an extension of the reservations deadline at the Watertown Inn and the University Tower Hotel, until Monday, August 21. Please see the lodging page for instructions on making reservations. At the moment the University Inn and the College Inn Hotel seem to be full, but it is possible that spaces will open if there are cancelations, so you can try inquiring.

Announcement (Aug 15): Meal reservation deadline extended to Monday, September 11. Thanks to those of you who indicated your meal preferences by August 14. This has helped us to determine the size of the venue for the banquet. Please continue to use this form the make your reservations. See the fourth circular for costs and other details.

Announcement (Aug 3): Please make your meal reservations by August 14. Use this form the make your reservations. See the fourth circular for costs and other details.

Announcement (Aug 3): The fourth circular was sent out by email on August 3.

Announcement (Aug 2): A preliminary conference program is now available, as is the program for the pre-conference workshop. See the Program page.

Announcement (Aug 1): There will be a workshop on Tibeto-Burman/Sino-Tibetan reconstruction on Thursday, September 14, 3:00-6:00 pm. The speakers will be Robbins Burling, David Solnit, Martha Ratliff, Scott DeLancey, Zev Handel, and Jim Matisoff. The workshop is open to all conference participants. A full program with presentation titles will be posted soon.

Announcement (Jul 30): Over 100 presenters will give papers. A preliminary program will be available soon. If you are attending the conference, please visit the Participants page to confirm that your NAME and AFFILIATION are listed correctly. If you are presenting at the conference, please also confirm that your PAPER TITLE is correct and that your abstract is up to date. You can modify your name, affiliation, and paper title on the Update page.

Announcement (Jul 29): Please make your hotel reservations by August 14. Prices and availability are not guaranteed after that date. See the Lodging page for details.

Announcement (Jul 28): If you need an official letter indicating that your abstract has been accepted for presentation, please go to the Update page to request one.

Announcement (Jul 18): Registration is now closed for paper presenters. Non-presenters can register at the conference. See the Register page for more details.

Announcement (Jul 12): There will be a workshop on issues in Tibeto-Burman and Sino-Tibetan historical reconstruction the afternoon of Thursday, September 14. Details forthcoming.

Announcement (Jul 6): Reminder: The registration deadline is July 15. If you will present a paper at the conference, you must register by the deadline. We regret that we are unable to accept late registration for presenters.

Announcement (Jul 5): The third circular was sent out by email on July 5. Future announcements will be sent only to conference participants. To receive future announcements, please indicate your intent to participate (whether or not you will present a paper).

Announcement (Jun 19): The due date for abstracts was June 15. There will be a one-week grace period; no abstracts will be accepted after Friday, June 23. ICSTLL-39 is an open conference, which means that all papers that are within the scope of the conference topic will be accepted for presentation. Please note that we cannot process abstracts until you have indicated your intent to participate on this web site. For instructions on submitting abstracts, see the second circular.

Announcement (May 20): Reminder: The deadline for abstracts is June 15. Instructions for submitting abstracts are in the second circular. Wondering if your abstract has been received? Visit the participants page to see if your paper title is an active link. (It may take a few days after you send your abstract before it is posted on the web site.)

Announcement (May 20): You can now register for the conference. The registration deadline is July 15. Late registration will not be permitted. Wondering if your registration has been processed? Visit the participants page to see if there is an asterisk (*) next to your name. (It may take up to a week to process your registration, longer in the case of a wire transfer.)

Announcement (May 20): The second circular was sent out by email on May 20. If you have signed up on the email list but did not receive the circular, please make sure that your email program is not treating email from icstll39 @ as junk mail.

Announcement (Apr 10): The conference dates have been fixed at Sept. 15-17. The conference will be three days long, from Friday through Sunday. Pre-conference workshops will be held Thursday, Sept. 14. Sunday will be a full day, so if you want to attend the whole conference, you should plan to leave Seattle on Monday, Sept. 18.

Announcement (Mar 29): You can now update your information as it appears on the list of conference participants.

Announcement (Mar 13): A complete list of all ICSTLL conferences is now available at the STEDT web site.

Announcement (Mar 6): A list of conference participants is now available.

Announcement (Feb 21): If you did not receive the first circular, and would like to receive future email notifications about the conference, please sign up for the email list, and then set your email program to accept mail from icstll39 @

Announcement (Feb 20): The first circular was sent out by email on February 20.

Announcement (Feb 20): If you are considering attending the conference, please indicate your intent to participate.

Announcement (Feb 20): Abstracts are due June 15, 2006. Please see the first circular for information on submitting abstracts.

Announcement (Feb 20): If you have suggestions for pre-conference workshops, please send them as soon as possible to Zev Handel at icstll39 @ Workshops will be held September 14.


Host: Department of Asian Languages & Literature
Principal Organizer: Zev Handel
Sponsors: Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange, China Studies Program, Department of Asian Languages & Literature, Department of Linguistics, The Graduate School Fund for Excellence & Innovation, Office of the Dean of Humanities, East Asia Center, Southeast Asia Center, South Asia Center