Volume 75, Issue 2 | June 2014

Author Title
Leigh Dale and Jennifer McDonell Lessons from the Past?
Author Title
Andrew Elfenbein The United States of Raveloe
Heather Murray Alexander and After: Browning Culture, Natural Method, and National Education, 1889-1914
Nancy Glazener The Browning Society in U.S. Public Literary Culture
Jennifer McDonell “The Fascination of What’s Difficult”: Browning and MacCallum’s Classroom
Robert Dingley Coming Back for Seconds: Professing English Literature in British Universities, 1880-1914
Leigh Dale T.H. Green and the Modern Novel: English at Oxford
Alison Wood Secularity and the Uses of Literature: English at Cambridge, 1890-1920
Angela Dunstan The Shelley Society, Literary Lectures and the Global Circulation of English Literature and Scholarly Practice
Herbert Tucker A Field of Magpies: Disciplinary Emergence as Modus Vivendi in English Studies
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Catherine Robson Afterword: “On Difficulty”

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