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December 2015 (76.4)

Author Title
Megan Heffernan Gathered by Invention: Additive Forms and Inference in Gascoigne’s Poesy
Barbara Fuchs Suspended Judgments: Scepticism and the Pact of Fictionality in Cervantes’ Picaresque Novellas
Donal Harris Understanding Eliot: Mass Media and Literary Modernism in the American Century
Glyn Salton-Cox Boy Meets Camera: Christopher Isherwood, Sergei Tretiakov, and the Queer Potential of the First Five–Year Plan

March 2016 (77.1)

Author Title
Joshua Adams, Joel Calahan, and Michael Hansen Introduction
Yopie Prins “What is Historical Poetics?”
Andrea Brady From Grief to Leisure: “Lycidas” in the Eighteenth Century
Caroline Levine Revaluing Repetition: John Clare’s Verse-Thinking
Naomi Levine Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Historiographic Poetics
Dino Franco Felluga Truth is Stranger than Fiction: Don Juan and the Truth Claims of Genre
Simon Jarvis Superversive Poetics: Browning’s Fifine at the Fair

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