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March 2019 (80.1)

Author Title
Jonathan Arac Introduction: Desire and Domestic Fiction after Thirty Years
Rachel Ablow Taking Responsibility in Desire and Domestic Fiction
Ian Duncan Against the Bildungsroman
Deidre Lynch Social, Sexual, and Other Contracts in Eighteenth-Century Novels
Jesse Rosenthal Keeping Secrets
Nancy Armstrong Afterword: Waiting for Foucault
Michelle M. Dowd Judith Shakespeare's Brother
Zsolt Komáromy Contradictions as Patterns in Literary History: Skepticism, Common Sense, and the Conversational Idiom of Churchill and Cowper

June 2019 (80.2)

Author Title
Sophus Helle What is an Author? Old Answers to a New Question
Nicholas Carr Modern Time: Temporality and the Realism of Romantic History
Jason De Stefano The Birth of Creativity: Emerson's Creative Impulse
Lukas Moe Elegy's Generation: Muriel Rukeyser, M.L. Rosenthal, and Poetry after the Left

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