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September 2015 (76.3)

Author Title
Giuseppe Gazzola Return to Tiraboschi: On Italian Literary Canon Formation and National Identity
Nico Slate East Indian, West Indian: Colored Cosmopolitanism, World Literature, and the Dual Autobiography of Cedric Dover and Claude McKay
Peter Kalliney Modernism, African Literature, and the Cold War
Heidi Yu Huang The Hong Kong Dilemma and a Constellation Solution

December 2015 (76.4)

Author Title
Megan Heffernan Gathered by Invention: Additive Forms and Inference in Gascoigne’s Poesy
Barbara Fuchs Suspended Judgments: Scepticism and the Pact of Fictionality in Cervantes’ Picaresque Novellas
Donal Harris Understanding Eliot: Mass Media and Literary Modernism in the American Century
Glyn Salton-Cox Boy Meets Camera: Christopher Isherwood, Sergei Tretiakov, and the Queer Potential of the First Five-Year Plan

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