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June 2015 (76.2)

Author Title
Ryan Vu and Sharif Youssef Our Obstinate Future
Ian Baucom "Moving Centers": Climate Change, Critical Method, and the Historical Novel
Vivasvan Soni Judging, Inevitably: Aesthetic Judgment and Novelistic Form in Fielding's Joseph Andrews
Gerard Cohen-Vrignaud Capitalism's Wishful Thinking
Mark Miller Sin and Structure in Piers Plowman: On the Medieval Split Subject
Eleanor Courtemanche Satire and the "Inevitability Effect": The Structure of Utopian Fiction from Looking Backward to Portlandia
Christian Thorne In Saecula Saeculorum: On How Stories End
Richard Epstein Inevitability in Law and Literature: A Strained Relationship

September 2015 (76.3)

Author Title
Giuseppe Gazzola Return to Tiraboschi: On Italian Literary Canon Formation and National Identity
Nico Slate East Indian, West Indian: Colored Cosmopolitanism, World Literature, and the Dual Autobiography of Cedric Dover and Claude McKay
Peter Kalliney Modernism, African Literature, and the Cold War
Heidi Yu Huang The Hong Kong Dilemma and a Constellation Solution

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