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September 2018 (79.3)

Author Title
Marshall Brown and Ning Wang Introduction
Ning Wang French Theories in China and the Chinese Theoretical (Re)Construction
Jiang Zhang On Imposed Interpretation and Chinese Construction of Literary Theory
Liyuan Zhu Hillis Miller on the End of Literature
Theo D'haen With Chinese Characteristics
Kang Liu A (Meta) Commentary on Western Literary Theories in China ---- The Case of Jameson and Chinese Jamesonism
J. Hillis Miller Western Literary Theory in China

December 2018 (79.4)

Author Title
Esei Murakishi Thomas More’s Account of Natural Language and the Literariness of his Polemics
James Mulholland An Indian It-Narrative and the Problem of Circulation: Reconsidering a Useful Concept for Literary Study
Elisabeth Helsinger What Is This Thing Called Song?
Hannah Freed-Thall Heart-Sick: The Language of French Disgust

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