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September 2016 (77.3)

Author Title
James English and Ted Underwood Introduction
Sharon Marcus Erich Auerbach's Mimesis and the Value of Scale
Jordan Sellers and Ted Underwood The Longue Durée of Literary Prestige
Günter Leypoldt Degrees of Relevance: Toni Morrison and Walter Scott
Hoyt Long and Richard So Turbulent Flow: A Computational Model of World Literature
James English Now, Not Now: Counting Time in Contemporary Fiction Studies
Heather Love Small Change: Realism, Immanence, and the Politics of the Micro
Mark McGurl Everything and Less: Fiction in the Age of Amazon

December 2016 (77.4)

Author Title
Eric Weiskott Before Prosody: Early English Poetics in Practice and Theory
Peter Murphy Sweet Trouble: Coleridge, Demoralized
Bashir Abu-Manneh Liberty and the Literary: Coloniality and Nahdawist Comparative Criticism of Ruhi al-Khalidi The History of the Science of Literature with the Franks, the Arabs and Victor Hugo 1904
Ted Howell An Imperialist Inherits the Earth: Howards End in the Anthropocene
Scott Hess Posthuman Ecologies and the More-Than-Human World
Ted Howell Why Should Marxist Critics Fight over George Eliot?

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