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March 2015 (76.1)

Author Title
Philip Mirabelli Shakespeare and Sexual Re-formation
John Plotz Speculative Naturalism and the Problem of Scale: Richard Jefferies’s After London, after Darwin
Zoe Beenstock Empiricist Political Theory and the Modern Novel: The Social Contract and H. G. Wells
Gerald L. Bruns The Impossible Experience of Words: Blanchot, Beckett, and The Materiality of Language

June 2015 (76.2)

Author Title
Ryan Vu and Sharif Youssef Our Obstinate Future
Ian Baucom "Moving Centers": Climate Change, Critical Method, and the Historical Novel
Vivasvan Soni Judging, Inevitably: Aesthetic Judgment and Novelistic Form in Fielding's Joseph Andrews
Gerard Cohen-Vrignaud Capitalism's Wishful Thinking
Mark Miller Sin and Structure in Piers Plowman: On the Medieval Split Subject
Eleanor Courtemanche Satire and the "Inevitability Effect": The Structure of Utopian Fiction from Looking Backward to Portlandia
Christian Thorne In Saecula Saeculorum: On How Stories End
Richard Epstein Inevitability in Law and Literature: A Strained Relationship

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