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December 2016 (77.4)

Author Title
Eric Weiskott Before Prosody: Early English Poetics in Practice and Theory
Peter Murphy Sweet Trouble: Coleridge, Demoralized
Haifa Saud Alfaisal Liberty and the Literary: Coloniality and Nahdawist Comparative Criticism of Ruhi al-Khalidi's History of the Science of Literature with the Franks, the Arabs, and Victor Hugo
Ted Howell An Imperialist Inherits the Earth: Howards End in the Anthropocene
Scott Hess Posthuman Ecologies and the More-Than-Human World
Jonathan Arac Why Should Marxist Critics Fight Over George Eliot?

March 2017 (78.1)

Author Title
Seo Hee Im Between Habbakuk and Locke: Pain, Debt, and Economic Subjectivation in Paradise Lost
Maryam Wasif Khan The Oriental Tale and the Transformation of North-Indian Prose Fiction
Alexander Pettit Comedy and Metacomedy: Eugene O’Neill’s Desire Under the Elms and Its Antecedents
Katherine Bode The Concurrence of “Close” and “Distant” Reading; Or, Towards a New Object for Data-Rich Literary History
Richard Strier A Lover’s Journal: Jonathan Culler’s Theory of the Lyric

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