PacTrans Graduate Fellowship

As part of PacTrans’ mission to bring talented professionals into the transportation field, PacTrans provides funding to students seeking transportation-related degrees each year. In addition to receiving a quality education, PacTrans fellows also participate in an internship, allowing for their knowledge obtained in the classroom to be supplemented with practical knowledge of the transportation industry. The PacTrans fellowship covers the tuition necessary to receive a master’s degree in transportation at the University of Washington (worth $21,000). For the academic year 2018-19, the following three students received the award:


Chai (Audrey Tay) Nini

Audrey graduated from UW in 2017 with a Bachelor degree in Environmental Science. In her last years of undergraduate she went to a study abroad program about sustainable transportation in Europe. From that study abroad, she learned different ways of implementing transportation through sustainable practices. She wants to focus on climate change, but more specifically on implementations that will help curb and reverse human influence. Thus she selected the transportation field in an effort to focus on lowering emissions from transportation.


Preston Sahabu

Preston grew up in the north Puget Sound suburbs, graduating from the University of Washington in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. He then spent four years in the software industry before becoming disenchanted, and has since transitioned his skills into urban development and transportation. Outside of his career, Preston enjoys napping on the bus, following politics, and playing wiffleball.



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