Treatment Guideline: Adults

acrobat reader logo Adult PKU Program Contract
A contract for clients of the Adult PKU Program



Making the Change: from High Phe to Low Phe. Fink KJ, Trahms CM. University of Washington PKU Clinic, 1993.
A booklet that describes how to change recipes to fit into a low-phe food pattern.

acrobat reader logo Monitoring Blood Phenylalanine Levels at Home
A guide to collecting guthrie filter paper blood samples at home

Trahms, CM. Treating PKU in Adulthood. National PKU News 1997; 8:4-5.

The Essentials of PKU: Information for Young Adults with PKU and Their Significant Others
Answers to common questions about PKU (e.g., What is PKU?, What is the Diet?, How is it monitored?, etc.).

Case Study

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