Treatment Guidelines: Toddlers

Toddler Treatment Guidelines
Guidelines for treatment for toddlers between 2 and 3 years of age

Nutrition Management of the Toddler/Young Child
Includes a dietary prescription and sample dietary calculation for a toddler or young child



acrobat reader logo A Babysitter's Guide to PKU
Guidelines and helpful hints for babysitting a child with PKU

acrobat reader logo Games That Teach: Learning by Doing for Preschoolers with PKU
A booklet of activities for children, providing opportunities to learn about appropriate food choices for PKU

acrobat reader logo Look-Alike Foods: A solution or a Pandora's box?
Questions to consider when deciding on an appropriate food strategy for your child.

Making the Change: from High Phe to Low Phe. Fink KJ, Trahms CM. University of Washington PKU Clinic, 1993.
A booklet that describes how to change recipes to fit into a low-phe food pattern

acrobat reader logo Monitoring Blood Phenylalanine Levels at Home
A guide for collecting Guthrie filter paper blood samples at home

PKU Self-Management Timeline
A guideline of suggested tasks for children to adopt as they progress from infancy to adulthood

acrobat reader logo PKU Food Bull's Eye
A food bull's eye tool, developed by the Cristine M. Trahms Program for Phenylketonuria, to help with food choices for PKU diet management

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