Treatment Guidelines

Basic Nutrition Care Plan


  1. Evaluate medical, social and nutrition history.
  2. Evaluate current nutrition and health status of child, including
    • Diet/Physiological
      • serum phenylalanine levels
      • growth and growth rate
      • intake: phenylalanine, energy, protein, vitamins and minerals
        • identify formula intake (amount of powder prescribed vs. amount of powder consumed; amount of water added)
        • collect information about timing of intake: food and formula
      • iron status (hemoglobin and hematocrit)
    • Cognitive development (per Psychometric Testing Guidelines)
    • Developmental aspects of child in relation to food and environment
    • Parenting concerns and skills
    • Incidence of minor infections
  3. Define any physical, developmental, environmental or cognitive concerns.
  4. Develop 6 month plan for younger child and 1 year plan for older child. Include:
    • Physical growth
    • Phenylalanine prescription
    • Energy needs
    • Formula prescription
    • Timing of formula and food intake
    • Cognitive development
    • Home environment
    • Education plan related to PKU 
  5. Define roles of team members in monitoring the concerns for the child’s health care. Discuss the plan with team members as needed.
  6. Outline and begin implementation of method for addressing concerns.